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Anyone gone sugar free to lose weight?

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sugarfreehopefully Thu 21-May-20 22:10:28

It's my nemesis so I need to ditch it. I did it before and lost 8kgs but it's all gone out the window in lockdown. It's so hard not to eat crap when there is bugger all else to do. Really I should just not buy it as it's too tempting.

Anyone going sugar feee?

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blubberball Tue 26-May-20 05:51:52

Yes, I want to try. My dad went sugar free a few years ago when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The weight dropped off him, and he no longer needs any medication. He has to stay below 10% sugar, so it's good to check food labels where it says how many grams of sugar per 100g. If it's below 10g, you're good.

So, I want to try making some swaps. I am some one who is very much addicted to chocolate and things. Sometimes, the cheap supermarket vanilla ice cream has less sugar than the special expensive diabetic ice cream. It's worth checking.

There are usually diabetic biscuits and things in supermarkets now, so I want to try them too.

Good luck.

JamieFraserskiltspeaksout Tue 26-May-20 17:54:14

I'm going sugar free this week! When do you plan to start op? I'm back in work on Monday but want to get the first few days out of the way at home! I think Friday is the day I start. I can go shopping and buy sensible food ..I HAVE to do this. I'm massive now.

sugarfreehopefully Thu 28-May-20 22:43:59

I've had a terrible sugar binge this evening and just eaten all the DC's flumps. Not quite sure how I'm going to explain that away when they ask where they've gone.

I'll aim to start tomorrow too, I was sensible and didn't buy any sweet stuff on my food delivery this week. I really need to get back to it as it makes me feel like crap and once I start, I just dint seem to be able to stop.

I did read that in experiments with mice they chose sugar over cocaine, it's so addictive. Just need to get the first three weeks under my belt🤞

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Duggeehugs82 Thu 28-May-20 22:45:12

Read sweet posion by David Gillespie thats what stopped me eating sugar

Ryah1 Thu 28-May-20 23:25:37

This is something I really want to do- kick my sugar habit. I have cut artificial sweeteners from my hot drinks and have ditched biscuits. I’m taking baby steps. I’m hoping this will aid my weight loss and Improve my general health.

Rowdythree Fri 29-May-20 11:29:45

I'm starting sugar free today too. I used to do it a few years ago and felt so good. Bad habits have crept in though and I now need to lose 1 1/2 stone.

sugarfreehopefully Sat 30-May-20 09:16:45

Thanks for the book recommendation I'm going to have a read in the hope it kick starts stopping that sweet crap. Not managed it yet and bought a load of sweet stuff yesterday without thinking.

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blubberball Sat 30-May-20 13:11:56

I have been on the low sugar for a few days, but I have switched to low sugar versions of food I love. Because I love chocolate too much. I want to try the low sugar magnums. I am looking at labels, and making sure things have less than 10g sugar per 100g.

blubberball Sat 30-May-20 13:12:24

My next weigh in is Tuesday, so have to see how it goes.

MonsteraCheeseplant Sat 30-May-20 13:14:03

I did it for 7 months. I did lose weight, but it was totally unsustainable long term for me. Now I just count calories and eat sugar in moderation.

thesnailandthewhale Sat 30-May-20 21:00:35

I'm starting on Monday, doing sugar detox for all of June. I can't moderate, I always have mints on me wherever I go and once a bag of sweets is open I just keep going until they're all gone.

I have huge issues with heartburn/reflux so am hoping that the increase in natural foods and less processed foods will help this too.

SundayName Mon 01-Jun-20 08:13:54

I'm starting today as well.

I need to lose around 20lbs, sugar and processed crap is my downfall. I'm going to try Whole30; it looks a bit hardcore, as it cuts out all added sugar, processed food, nearly all carbs, dairy and alcohol.

I know it's very restrictive and unsustainable, but my motivation is high at the moment, and I need to do something to reset my reliance on eating junk most of the time.

I weighed myself yesterday and took measurements shock, so will post my daily menus and progress on here, if that's ok.

Rowdythree Mon 01-Jun-20 08:26:45

Good luck everyone! I'm on day 3 today I think. I'm finding it okay so far, I've hardly been hungry at all. For breakfast I've generally been having overnight oats with apple and peanut butter, then lunch usually high fibre crackers with cheese. I am struggling with the evening meal mainly because it is usually accompanied by pasta, potatoes or cous cous etc, but I'm definitely feeling much less hungry and more in control at the moment.

I'm weighing on a Friday so still a while to go. I should take measurements too, thanks for the reminder @SundayName

SundayName Wed 03-Jun-20 18:32:17

Day 3 of Whole30 here, a quick update.

Breakfast is fruit and black tea
Black coffee mid-morning
Salad for lunch
Proper dinner, but strictly within the guidelines
Water, when I can remember.

I've been having various berries, grapes, bananas, avocado, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, boiled new potatoes (they are allowed), salmon, lots of BBQ meats yesterday and a homemade curry tonight.

But absolutely no dairy, bread, rice, pasta, sugar in all forms, crisps, sweets, pudding, cake, pies or other processed crap.

It's not too difficult so far, not allowed to weigh myself until it's done, so on day 31.

I'd like to post once a week with my weekly highs and lows. So far, a few hunger pangs, but otherwise good.

blubberball Wed 03-Jun-20 20:44:20

I've lost 3lbs in the last 2 weeks. Woo hoo!

SundayName Fri 05-Jun-20 08:23:53

@blubberball, that's a nice steady weight loss. flowers

ScrapThatThen Fri 05-Jun-20 08:38:36

I'm not an all or nothing person, but I did find reducing sugar was a good foundation, basically
- I reduced to no more than one thing a day which included processed sugar (which cut cravings)
- I switched to mainly plant based wholefoods but still ate plenty of quantity at first (this seemed to help my body and appetite be less food dependant)
- then I reduced overall amounts to roughly 1400-1600 a day, more before a big run.
I do still eat the odd bit of junk but way lower quantities, food tastes better, I'm pleasantly hungry before the next meal but not starving, and am slowly losing (13kg over 6 months).

Namechange3007 Fri 05-Jun-20 08:41:28

Been on and off for over a year now. Bad dad yesterday.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Fri 05-Jun-20 08:48:04

I went sugar free recently but I haven't missed out, my new hobby is low sugar baking. I've made beetroot brownies and chocolate kidney bean cake recently, sounds yuk but tastes delish! In the fast 800 recipe book but theres loads of sugar free baking ideas on the web.

lemmathelemmin Fri 05-Jun-20 08:57:42

Are you cutting all sugar out, including sugar from fruit?

I've struggled with sugar addiction in the past, and the most helpful piece of advice I received was from a doctor who told me that when I start craving sugar, to just eat some fruit. It worked with me and I've cut back a lot.

Namechange3007 Fri 05-Jun-20 10:09:21

Day not dad

SundayName Fri 05-Jun-20 13:53:37

@lemmathelemmin, I'm still eating fruit on Whole30. It would be far too restrictive otherwise. Time will tell whether it works. smile

Rowdythree Sat 06-Jun-20 09:02:55

I've lost 3lb in my first week which I'm really pleased about, I havent felt deprived or hungry really. There have been a few occasions when I wanted to eat a biscuit but manged to tell myself no!

Fingers crossed for more weight loss next week

ndo4000 Mon 08-Jun-20 07:09:58

Can I join in the discussion?!

I am looking to go sugar free from Wednesday. Lockdown has not been kind to my wobbly tummy. I'm going to keep eating fruit though.

Bit concerned about how I will make it work with family life.....

Any hints and tips for recipes?

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