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ShellyJP Wed 20-May-20 13:25:30

I'm not making any progress losing weight and aren't interested in weight loss groups like WW or SW. They're expensive and slightly patronising. I do need some accountability though, so wondered if anyone would be interested in a weekly weigh in group. That way we could follow programs best suited to our lifestyles and meet online to way in and encourage each other.

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lou967 Wed 20-May-20 13:27:56

I'll join. I'm on other threads too. I'm doing 1200 cals a day and walking. I lost 6st, 2 years ago. I teach 10st I'm 5'8. Over the last year I got a new job and life got in the way and I'm 3st heavier. I need to get it lost and maintain. My goal is to comfortably fit into my 28 waist size 10 Levi's 501 jeans.

ShellyJP Wed 20-May-20 14:34:15

That's great! I have at least 3 stones to loose too. I'm finding it difficult to loose anything at the moment.

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