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Calorie counting - logging question?

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overweightcat Wed 20-May-20 18:30:33

I'm not sure what to put it down as as my sedentary calories are 1200cals for a 1kg loss a week.
When I upped it to lightly active it went to 1290cals for the same weight loss.

On my Fitbit it shows 270cals burned every run and around 350-400 when I do the 45min HIIT.
Also occasional top ups around 100-200cals and I usually do them on 2 times a week on the same day as my run.

Brisk dog walk anywhere from 190+ depending on the route.

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Shedtheload Wed 20-May-20 12:42:12

It probably does count as lightly active, yes. If you change your MFP settings to that, then it will already account for exercise cals and there is no need to add anything else.

I have a Fitbit which makes calorie adjustments on MFP depending on how many steps I have done that day. Sometimes I eat these extra cals back but most of the time I don’t. Sometimes it makes a deduction if I haven’t been active enough, meaning I can’t have as many cals that day. I have mine set to lightly active but in reality would probably count as highly active as I run 7 Km with the dog every day. Each day, I tend to get about 300 extra cals and my basic allowance is 1650.

maxelly Wed 20-May-20 12:42:01

I'd say that's lightly active OP, but if you set your MFP settings as lightly active you don't then need to log your 'normal' exercise, only if you do something unusual, as it will already have increased your daily calorie allowance accordingly. Or you can set yourself as sedentary and log whatever you have done on a daily basis, it's personal preference really. Some people find it more motivating to log their sessions so they get a 'reward' for what they've done whereas others find (as I do) that MFP can overestimate the value of individual sessions and it leads you to overeat... trial and error really to find what works for you.

overweightcat Wed 20-May-20 12:30:48

I'm not sure what lightly active consists of TBH...
I walk my dog a few times a week as I alternate with DP.

I run 25 mins 2-3x a week and usually do 1 x 45minute workout alternating it weekly either on that gets you using own body weight/toning or a cardio HIIT type one they're both 45/50mins.

Also tend to throw in 2-3 of those shorter 10/15/20 mins YouTube ones either HIIT or focusing on specific part of the body.

Would that be light/moderate excercise?

I don't want to throw my figures out...

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Shedtheload Wed 20-May-20 12:13:58

I think you should only log it if you have it set to sedentary. If you’ve already put that you are lightly active, there is no need to log any extra exercise.

maxelly Wed 20-May-20 11:57:21

With MFP I find you just have to approximate - Joe Wicks is star jumps and squats and things right? I would put that as aerobics - low impact.

Always slightly underestimate how many calories you have burnt with MFP if you are eating them back, because I find MFP tends to be over-optimistic - for instance I am a (horse) rider and it thinks I burn 150 calories an hour just hacking around on a horse at a steady walk, which takes almost no effort for an experienced rider (you are just sitting in the saddle and being carried along effectively!) and doesn't raise my heart rate at all so I am sure it can't be right! For comparison aerobics, low impact, is 285 calories an hour.

overweightcat Wed 20-May-20 08:33:35

How do I log workouts I can't track? I'm currently doing 1200 calories a day logging on MyFitnessPal.

I'm doing the Joe wicks live every few days with my DCs (alongside other stuff) but I don't know how to log it in terms of calories burned on the app.

Can anyone advise?

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