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6 stone + to lose ... Whos in?

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ExplodingCarrots Tue 19-May-20 09:50:32

I'm at my heaviest EVER! I've been battling my weight for 12 years and quite frankly I'm done with it now.

Poor DH is probably sick of the cycle of 'I'm fat , I hate myself, diet for 1 month, quit, repeat' . He confided that he was worried about me the other day health wise and just wants me to be happy and then my DD who's 6 made a couple of comments about my big belly (not being mean...just being a 6 year old). So this is has given me a big kick up the bum. My wedding and engagement rings also don't fit anymore blush.

I'm an incredible emotional eater and suffer from anxiety and awful self esteem issues. It's a psychological battle each time I decide to 'diet'. I'm constantly trying to sabotage myself.

So...I've been calorie counting for the past week, doing one YouTube workout and going for an hour walk everyday (my distress also) , making sure I'm hitting at least 10000 steps. So far I'm feeling good.
I don't agree with super low calories but I've been aiming for and sticking to between 1500 - 1700 calories. My diet has been healthy and clean.

Anybody else up for using this thread as a support / check in / pick me up?

I've made the decision not to tell any friends and family about my journey this time because as soon as I do people start jumping on my bandwagon and start relying on me and whinging to me and it's something I know I can't deal with this time. This is why a thread like this would be perfect as we are complete strangers in the same boat.

My family have been serial dieters for 30 years blush As soon as any of them catch wind I'm doing any kind of weight loss they want in too and Facebook chats get set up and I suddenly feel on display and pressured and when it goes wrong I get incredibly embarrassed and ashamed and the cycle begins again. Also, as I've been battling this for years I'm quite knowledgeable about stuff and I get asked questions and advice all day everyday and I end up getting overwhelmed.

So ...

Start weight : 14 stone 12.5
First Goal : 12 stone
Ultimate goal : 9 stone , maybe a bit under.
Height : 5ft 3.

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Speminalium Tue 19-May-20 17:39:54

Hello Explodingcarrots! I'll be your friend! I have 5 stone to lose, and this crisis has given the kick up the backside to tackle it in a serious way. Like you, not going too low calorie, aiming for 1400ish a day, am breastfeeding no4 (11m) so a. Don't want to affect supply and b. I like food. I'm using Myfitnesspal to log and trying to get in a bit of exercise every day. I'm on day 6 tracking and am being brutally honest, tracking everything even if I inadvertently hoover up the kids' sweets when I'm feeling stressed/tired/frustrated/bored/all of the above.
Starting weight 14st3, height 5,5
Goal, like you 9st, but thinking of creating lots of mini targets (I mean, how amazing would it be to get down to a healthy BMI?)

Good luck!

ExplodingCarrots Tue 19-May-20 18:26:11

Hi @Speminalium !

Well done for being brutally honest on my fitness pal. It's not until you start tracking that you realise how many calories you've been eating . I'm day 5 tracking and havnt felt the need to eat all my designated calories yet.

Yep small goals is the aim for me too as the total goal seems so far away. I've chosen 12 stone as my first goal as this is where I got to just before my honeymoon to Vegas in 2018 and even though I was still over weight I felt much better and I didn't struggle in the heat as much as I normally would have.

Good luck. We can do it.

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catcatcatcat Tue 19-May-20 18:33:17

This is me. And I've done it twice before too - lost over 6 stone after both children but a combination of bereavements in quick succession & problems with DD's dad (and eating shit) - has me back here - the biggest I've ever been.

So yes. I need to join too. How are you both planning on doing it?

Myusername2015 Tue 19-May-20 18:38:47

In! 14.7 here want to get down to 10.7 trying to calorie count around 1500 a day and exercise x 5 a week. We can do this

riotlady Tue 19-May-20 18:47:20

This is me! Lost just over a stone before lockdown, then gained a few pounds back thanks to all my stress baking xD Now I need to take it seriously again both for my health and my vanity (getting married next year). I’m 5’8 and starting at 17st 7, hoping to get down to 12st.

I’ve been doing C25k and I’m up to week 7 and running for 25 minutes straight! Just need to lay off the junk and I’ll be grand xD

Littleroundsponge Tue 19-May-20 18:47:25

Me please 🙋‍♀️ I have a lot to lose, around 8 stone. Recently lost around 10 pound by cutting out a lot of the junk and walking more. I need to keep going, so determined to be slim and healthy again!

Justabadwife Tue 19-May-20 18:51:38

Hi everyone.

I was 16st at the start of lockdown and I'm 15st 1lb now. 😁 I've cut down on snacks and tried to get out everyday.

I need to do something, I'm getting lazy again 🙄

YellowPenny Tue 19-May-20 18:56:13

I feel as if I could have wrote your post OP.
I'm well up for support/ checking in.
I started last week and have lost 6lbs so far through no snacking, exercise and no alcohol (was drinking way too much wine).
I'm 5'7 and currently 16.1.. with the aim of reaching 9.5 stone.
My wedding rings no longer fit either, and my friend is getting married next year so its given me a massive kick to get started now.

FTstepmum Tue 19-May-20 19:08:56

I'd love to join too - needed a push and I think this is it.

I have at least 5 stone to lose. I've been comfort eating every single day since lockdown and it's making me feel so low now.

What approach are you taking? I usually find calorie counting the easiest to fit into a busy family on a budget.

Springcatkin Tue 19-May-20 21:25:02

Me too please, lockdown has been very bad for my weight. I can cope ok at work but keep nibbling at home.
I'm going to try to exercise daily to replicate my walk to work and reduce the snacking.
I am 52, 5ft 3 and 14 stone. My weight has crept up over the last 18 years due to medication.

SlimBig Tue 19-May-20 23:33:40

Hi, I’ve been waiting for a thread like this! Didn’t have much motivation to start/maintain my own, so glad you’ve started one.

I started lockdown at over 109kg and am now down to 106.7kg so that’s a loss of approx 5.5lb so far.

I started weighing in kg years ago when I didn’t like what the scales were telling me in stones and lbs 🙈

But I know that my starting 109kg was over 17st.
Mid target I’ll be really chuffed with 82kg which I think is 12 stone something.
I’d like to get down to 10 stone. At 5ft 1 I’ll still be ‘overweight’ but when I was 10 stone in my early twenties I felt slim and a size 10-12.

Have been mainly cutting down on calories, massively cutting down in wine, walking more and replacing the odd meal with a nutritionally balanced meal replacement.

Will be aiming to be fully in meal replacements intermittently to give me boosts along the way.

ExplodingCarrots Wed 20-May-20 08:02:42

Welcome everyone.

Hopefully this thread can be a source of support. I know I'll need it.

My approach is calorie counting , less snacking, zero alcohol , zero fizzy drinks , 3 litres of water ++ per day , one workout per day and an hours walk per day.

Routine is everything for me. I don't know if that maybe linked to my anxiety. For nearly a week my day has looked like this

7:00. : me and DD get up
7:30. Breakfast
8:30 : Workout 30/40 minutes
9:30: Homeschooling
12:00 : Lunch
1-3: potter around the house cleaning/ tidying
3-4: Walk
5-6 : evening meal
6 onwards : rest

I've found keeping to this routine has stopped me unnecessarily snacking and lazing on the sofa for no reason and feeling sluggish.

My DD has been joining in my workouts in the mornings as she was starting to get sluggish too. I've been doing videos by BodyFit by Amy on YouTube. I'd highly recommend her. She's a mum of 2 herself and she modifies a lot of exercises for women who are pregnant or post natal.

@SlimBig Yes! I also weigh in pounds instead of stones because I don't know the 'real' number. I want to see a number but I was too emotionally attached to the scales.

@riotlady well done starting Couch to 5k. I used that 5 years ago when I started my half marathon training. I did the race and was my lowest weight in YEARS but typical me sabotaged myself and ended up bigger and losing my fitness sad

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lou967 Wed 20-May-20 08:05:22

I was 16st 2 years ago and I lost 6st to reach 10st I'm 5'8. I did calorie counting 1200 a day. Unfortunately due to work/life getting in the way, I regained 3st over the last year. I'm now looking to lose 3st. If I can help anyone let me know. I'd like to join on here but i don't have 6st+ to lose. Is that ok?

ExplodingCarrots Wed 20-May-20 08:07:10

@YellowPenny well done on your 6lb loss so far. It's been so easy to sink into a routine of 'having a drink' in these times. I also have weddings next year ...4 of them! And one is abroad. 2 of them were meant to be this year but been postponed. I said to myself last year that I was going to be amazingly slim for these weddings blush I'm a bridesmaid for 2 of the 4 weddings so this has given me a kick up the bum also.

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ExplodingCarrots Wed 20-May-20 08:11:29

@lou967 get in here Lou, of course you are welcome. Well done on your loss. Maintaining when you have a busy life if super hard. I've been there countless times. Ive tried a lot of diet programmes but I'm finding calorie counting is working best for me as I don't like to feel too restricted and I don't cut any important food groups out.

The only thing I've cut out is the alcohol, fizzy drinks , chocolate, crisps , cake etc.

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lou967 Wed 20-May-20 08:13:59

@ExplodingCarrots thanks for letting me join. I'm on a few threads including my own. I need all the motivation and accountability I can get. I need to get the weight off and maintain it this time. I've got a whole wardrobe of clothes to get back into. Mainly my Levi's 501 jeans in a 28 waist. I was super slim once I'd reached 10st.

Whymustyoubringinthebirds Wed 20-May-20 08:14:59

I've got 5/6 stone to lose, put it all on during maternity leave and have really struggled to last more than 3 weeks or so on a diet but this time round I think I'm finally in the right head space started on the 21st April and so far I have lost 7.5lbs

I am using mfp and aiming for 1600 cals a day plus I'll have a night off once a week
I was already exercising as I enjoy it, aiming for 2 strength, 1 cardio and 1 9km walk a week, daily aim is to try and hit 7k steps

Widowodiw Wed 20-May-20 08:15:05

Diets cause you issues get you are going in a diet? If I was you I’d ditch the diet and the word and start making long term changes to my eating and exercise. That may sound like a diet to you but it’s not because the word diet as you have identified puts pressure on yourself and suggests it has a time limit.

billybagpuss Wed 20-May-20 08:21:45

I think I’m older than all of you but also need to lose 6st I’m exactly 1 st more than you op and the same height but my ultimate aim is for my weight to start with the number 10. Menopause is not my friend.

I need to get back to swimming, which I love so this weekend I’m going to try and find a local river that still ticks the spirit of lockdown.

lou967 Wed 20-May-20 08:22:31

@billybagpuss 10st is my goal too. You can do it.

MsJuniper Wed 20-May-20 08:26:50

Hi everyone,

I started lockdown needing to lose 7lbs to get below the 40 BMI that the Government were listing as a high risk factor for corona, and six weeks later I now need to lose 10lbs to get to the same point. I think I overdid the emergency snack buying 😳

Now only buying stuff I don't like for the kids to have and have tentatively opened up myfitnesspal.

I lost 6st ten years ago through LighterLife but unfortunately 2 kids and some MH issues later I have put it back on and some more. I have some shakes but I'm mainly trying to do this by calorie counting.

I'm 5'3" so I could lose 8st and not be underweight but I'm thinking small steps for now. This morning I weigh 16st10.5. First goal is to get below 16st.

Good luck everyone!

Whymustyoubringinthebirds Wed 20-May-20 08:27:32

Ideally my 'goal' is 10st 7lbs but I'm happy to in that region of 160lbs even if I'm a bit heavier, 10st 7lbs is my lowest ever
I normally weight in lbs

Whymustyoubringinthebirds Wed 20-May-20 08:28:16

When is everyones weigh in day? Mine is a Tuesday

WeightGate Wed 20-May-20 08:28:42

I’m in. Emotional eater here too. I’m tracking calories and aiming for 1,500 a day. I lost three stone last year this way and it’s all back on again! I just need to get on with it now. I’m so bored of myself.

Weight: 17 stone 10ib
Short term goal: 15 stone
Long term goal: 12 stone
Height: 5’ 9”

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