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Anyone need to lose a stone or less and needs motivation?

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Flippetydip Mon 18-May-20 12:15:44

Not that I can provide the motivation but hey ho, I thought perhaps if there were more of us it might help!

I'm currently 10 stone 12 and 5 foot 7. My fighting weight is 10 stone and I would like to get back down to this.

Lockdown has seen me put on at least half a stone. A bad back has seen me stop running and lack of school runs means a distinct deduction in time on my feet.

Anyone else in the same boat?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 18-May-20 12:35:04

It's not on mumsnet, but join this facebook group. Its a weightloss support group that is pretty active x

Cockadoodle27 Mon 18-May-20 12:51:34

Yes! Just short of a stone I need to shift. There is light at the end of the tunnel.. just need to find the tunnel wink

ProperVexed Mon 18-May-20 13:03:17

Ooh me! I could do with losing 9 pounds to get back to my perfect weight of 9 stone. I'm eating and drinking way too much, not helped by having two young adult DS in the house who need constant food and snacks. I also sprained my ankle a couple of days ago so I can't yet walk properly. I too am looking for motivation....

Flippetydip Mon 18-May-20 13:22:58

I did 5:2 pretty religiously for years and it was brilliant. It's slipped in the past 2 years and the weight has slowly crept on - I don't want it to keep creeping...…

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Karcheer Mon 18-May-20 13:28:45

Me! Pre lockdown I could’ve done with loosing a bit, now it’s just over a stone.

ProperVexed Mon 18-May-20 13:41:09

I've done 5:2 in the past but I can't keep it up as it gives me a terrible upset stomach ( possibly due to not having a gallbladder and having ibs).
I need to cut carbs and alcohol. Soon. Very soon.

Flippetydip Mon 18-May-20 14:26:14

I've cut out alcohol in the week (not that I ever had a lot but still - currently given the circumstances I feel that if I start drinking, I'll never stop!) but I don't think it's a big enough change to make any difference.

Now, carbs might be another thing.

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ProperVexed Mon 18-May-20 17:35:21

I'm just finishing a bottle of white that was left over from last night. I shall try not to drink until next weekend when I will make one bottle last ( who am I kidding!). Meanwhile, salad for dinner.

Freetodowhatiwant Mon 18-May-20 19:24:57

Yes I need to lose a stone. I’m 5.5 ish and size 12 at 10 stone 5 and would love to take a stone off and be 9 stone 5 and a comfortable size 10 which I was last summer. I’ve put on half a stone since lockdown, just not moving as much and not going to the gym. I AM exercising, some runs and also classes and weights at home but I need to do this on top of the 10k steps I usually do and now just not possible in lockdown. Low carb usually works for me along with the exercise so I’m trying to stick with that. Might try the low carb boot camp for the first time too. I think it starts on the 27th.

Freetodowhatiwant Mon 18-May-20 19:25:24

Also trying to reduce my wine days to 2 a week!

Karcheer Mon 18-May-20 20:54:21

My problem is 5pm, at 5pm I can literally eat a horse, I eat well all day and then at 5 I binge on rubbish, today I ate, twO packets of crisps, oatcakes, kitkat, tangerines and an apple.

I literally eat like a frenzied animal sad

greytminds Mon 18-May-20 21:36:16

I’d like to join you! I just weighed in at 10st 4lb this morning, which is as heavy as I was the day after giving birth. I’ve put on a solid 8lb since lock down and really I could do with getting down to 9.5st if I can, so ideally need to lose a stone.

It’s been a combination of too many treats, more carb heavy meals to satisfy toddler and husband’s tastes and less moving. Working almost full time and juggling a toddler who on doesn’t sleep hasn’t really helped either.

I’ve ordered a juice detox to do after the bank holiday. I feel like I need it. Then will get back to low carb, and less of the treats! I am aiming to be good this week, and to start taking some time for myself to start exercising beyond a slow walk with our old dog and toddler in tow.

Flippetydip Tue 19-May-20 07:12:46

Morning all. I did well yesterday with my "fast day" and kept it within 500 cals (or thereabouts). What I don't need to do today is inhale everything in sight. I find that if I don't have breakfast I'm less likely to eat ridiculously all day. I've finally managed to train myself out of the message that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" - a myth bandied around by a certain Mr Kellogg back in the 1800s.

@greytminds - firstly - do you have a grey hound? Just surmising by your using name. Secondly, I can't believe how little you put on during pregnancy! I put on THREE STONE. It came off fairly soon afterwards but still.

@Karcheer - ditto re 5pm - although mine is actually 8pm when the kids are in bed. DH and I did have a pact not to eat in the evenings back along and stuck to it fairly well (although he doesn't seem to suffer from it - he's a like a bloody whippet - albeit a 6ft5 one) but we have slipped back to it.

So my resolutions:
1. No alcohol in the week
2. No bread in the week
3. No eating after 7pm in the week
4. Try not to go totally mental at the weekends
5. 5:2 - 2 days will be Monday and Thursday

Any other suggestions?

And a question: given that weight is the second highest risk factor after age for Covid, do you think it will soon be less acceptable to be fat?

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greytminds Tue 19-May-20 09:25:09

@Flippetydip yes I do have a greyhound. I also have a lean 6’5 husband! Everyone in my family is skinny except me.

Oh, I did put on three stone during pregnancy but thankfully 2.5 stone disappeared overnight and the rest came off quickly. At the end of my maternity leave, I was lighter than pre-pregnancy, fit and healthy. Going back to work has done for all of that as suddenly no time for anything, and the sleep deprivation is killing me.

Good suggestions - I will join you on those. I’m also going to track my calories via MFP and start couch25k. I tend not to eat after 7pm but recently my one square of dark choc with a peppermint tea has been expanding to half a bar, and I need to get that under control.

Flippetydip Tue 19-May-20 10:46:57

@greytminds - good grief you sound like my twin! We have a greyhound too and my both DC are like streaks of lightening - but they are only 9 and 11. I was a fairly chunky child, they have definitely taken after DH which is a bonus! My Dad is quite a big bloke, not massively fat but just big - my mum is miniscule by contrast. I, rather typically, inherited the paternal genes....sigh.....

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Cathy31 Tue 19-May-20 13:52:25

Hi everyone, can I join? I have about 4 kg to lose to fit comfortably into my pre- pregnancy clothes. Aiming for 0.5kg a week, but only if my DD lets me get mostly decent sleep! I'll weigh myself on Monday (want to get a week of loss before I look grin)

My plan is to do some exercise every day - I'm nearly finished C25K so will keep up with a 30min run 3x per week, and on the other days do a yoga/ Pilates session. Also drink more water - I'm breastfeeding and I definitely eat when I should have a drink instead! And lastly, my big downfall is a mid-afternoon snack - usually huge amounts of peanut butter on a few crackers, or some of the flapjacks/ cookies I've baked with my toddler that morning blush I can't seem to limit myself to just an apple or something, so I'm going to try just not having anything between lunch and dinner. Hoping a week of willpower will break the snack habit, and that that's all it takes to shift the last bit of weight...

Flippetydip Tue 19-May-20 14:20:44

Welcome @Cathy31! Water is definitely a good call. I must try and do that for myself too.

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ProperVexed Tue 19-May-20 19:04:22

No alcohol here this evening! And a reasonable day apart from 6 squares of Whole Nut.....

StarcourtMall Tue 19-May-20 19:44:40

I’m feeling really flabby this week. I was always slim until I turned 40 and now although I’m a healthy weight, it’s all round my middle and I feel horrible. I’ve been drinking far too much in lockdown, so it’s weekends only, exercise and less chocolate from now on. I’d like to lose a stone and get back down to 10.5 stone.

AIMD Tue 19-May-20 20:06:47

Yes I am about 10 stone and am wanting to get back close to 9 stone.

Mainly I’m doing a slim fast replacement meal for one meal and low calorie for my other two meals and snacks.

I have the evening issue like others though. I could eat well all day and then eat shit loads in the eve!

LadyMuck111 Tue 19-May-20 20:11:14

I desperately need to lose some weight. I'm 5'5 ish and 10'13 I've put on half a stone during lockdown. Mainly by eating like a pig and drinking like a sailor. My goal weight is 10 stone but I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything about it.

bez91 Tue 19-May-20 20:15:57

Can I join? 😊 I'm aiming for anything more than half a stone. Going to start TTC soon so just want to be in a bit better shape as I've slowly put on weight since having DD 2.5 years ago.

I've been doing the Sweat programme for a few weeks and started calorie counting last week just to give myself a kick! I've bought some scales which tell you your body fat percentage also which were cheap off amazon. I know muscle weighs more than fat so perhaps trying to reduce my body fat more so!

greytminds Tue 19-May-20 20:42:56

So many of us in a similar boat! I just constantly find excuses to avoid exercise and eat treats - mainly being knackered and a bit stressed by work and a manic toddler.

I am also rubbish at drinking water. Some days I might not have had more than a few sips.

I have to admit that I’m not starting properly until after the bank holiday weekend and we’ve had a break from the stress of long working days and childcare juggling. I’ll kick it all off properly next Tuesday but try and make better choices between now and then.

Karcheer Tue 19-May-20 20:55:19

I've eaten pretty badly today but i didn't have my 5pm frantic feeding. Ive really made an effort to drink a lot (for me) of water today, im feeling ridiculously bloated, not sure if thats all the water I've drunk or the white bread, pasta and garlic bread, I've eaten today... i do think the water helped, so im going to drink a lot again tomorrow.
im also going to start 30days of yoga with adrienne again tomorrow...

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