Intuitive eating.. basics/beginner

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aspiringnurse Fri 15-May-20 16:34:08


I'm looking for some advice and tips for a beginner and finding out more of "intuitive eating".. I have been trying to steer away from the diet culture..

I have purchased the fuck it diet and the goddess revolution book in a bid to adopt a healthier mindset and relationship with myself.

Thank you so much grin

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magicmallow Fri 15-May-20 19:09:20

I don't know much about the intuitive eating movement, but I will say that fasting (for 24 - 36 hrs) seems to reset my tastebuds and help me to know what I really fancy and my body needs rather than processed crap. you realise how much you eat that you don't actually need / want etc. when you eat a lot less you choose more carefully and more in tune with your body. And the health benefits of fasting can't be denied! Plus you can eat what you want on days you are not fasting. I would recommend trying it even once a week if you are interested. Maybe start off small e.g. 12 hrs, work up to 24 hrs over a period of time so you get used to it.

VaTeLaverLesMains Fri 15-May-20 19:43:30

Want a donut
Eat a donut

Works for me grin

VaTeLaverLesMains Fri 15-May-20 19:44:52

Sorry winewine

Pinkchicken85 Sat 16-May-20 18:54:51

Listen to the don’t salt my game podcast, she’s released a book too called “just eat it” with a glorious looking doughnut on the front.

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