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Binge eating

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icklemissme Thu 14-May-20 23:07:15

Hello I'm hoping somone on here can give me some advice or some tips, since being in a relationship 6 years ago I've gained 9 stone taking me to a shameful 23 stone I'm 5 9 so carry it well but I really want to change but I'm finding it very hard.

I've always been tubby growing up but now I cant bare to look at myself and keep crying about my appearance, mainly because my mother and grandfather have alot to say about my weight, my cousin done slimming world and lost 10st I joined but I found It all abit hard and expensive, my dd will eat anything I put down to her by Dh will not making food Bill's a fortune and with temptation in the house I have no will power (dh has always been big) I try buying healthy but he still buys chocolate and can buy a takeaway once a week.

I've bought XLS shakes, slim fast and super drugs own as well as Superdrug appetite suppressant to stop me feeling hungry (but i dont have meals i tend to have snacks, unhealthy at that) while DD is having a meal, I have a skin disease (hidradenitis suppurativa) which makes exercise abit difficult, I'm stage 3 have it all over my body and it makes walking and raising my arms so painful I just want to cry, I enjoyed swimming before quarinte but now my main goal is to cut calories (if you have a goodle you'll see what I mean)

Sorry for blabbering on the main things I want to know is
How do you resist temptation in a house where theres a sweet cupboard

How do you find time to enjoy a meal with a toddler running around?

Is there a low syn/ calorie chcooclate that satisfies you?

Is there any exercise that can be done in the home that isnt too vigorous?

Sorry to waffle on here I really want to lose weight and fit in to my clothes again (gained 2 stone after birth of DD and have never been able to lose it a year later)
I feel like since I've put myself on a diet I do great till my daughters in bed at 7pm then I go and scoff chocolate then I cry about it after I know how bad I feel afterwards I hope I dont sound mad just looking for any advice or support please x

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Frankiefree Thu 14-May-20 23:19:17

I've found slimming world to be good and sticking to proper food rather than meal replacements or low fat food.

The main thing to help you would probably be to not have any tempting snacks in the house. Your DH needs to be supportive of this. Try to buy healthy snacks that you and your DC might enjoy like rice cakes, dried fruit and babybel cheeses etc. If you have to buy unhealthy snacks then try to buy ones your DC like but you don't like, so you won't eat it! If you like chocolate then don't eat the SW low syn chocolate as it is not the same and won't stop you craving proper chocolate. Better to eat a small freddo bar or similar. Just make sure you only buy a small amount each week.

ppeatfruit Fri 15-May-20 08:50:03

Have a look at Paul Mackenna (I Can Make You Thin) I dislike that title but it is great because it helps us look at food in different way. It's HOW we eat, we have to chew slowly, WHEN we eat, when we're hungry ONLY when we're hungry, and STOP when we 're full. Have a bowl of fruit to pick at on the table instead of sweets etc. (good for your toddler too).

P.M. has apps to help, I lost a lot of weight on it. I'm still doing it on and off (no diet foods or CC) It well worth looking at especially for your self esteem too.

PulyaSochsup Fri 15-May-20 08:56:08

I honestly think that you need to see that you’re worth taking care of and providing good, nutritious food for your body. I had similar issues with my DH and I decided to take back my health. Try and find a fruit that you can eat lots of, juicy satsumas are gorgeous at this time of year. From a chocolate perspective, try mixing a sachet of Cadbury’s Highlights in with some sweetener and fat free yoghurt. I often have these with bananas, they’re as satisfying as a chocolate bar. Good luck, you deserve it.

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