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Weightloss after baby

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nokia3210567 Tue 12-May-20 14:09:06

Hi all

First of all please be kind sad fat people are human and food and weight is complicated, if it wasn't the diet industry wouldn't exist!

So I put on three stone, 2 stone whilst pregnant and a stone after. My baby is now 9 months.

I have managed to lose three stone before with diet and exercise. Previously I lost the first two stone with diet and the last stone with weight training and small amounts of cardio.

I have been doing what I did before in regards to diet where I lost 2lbs a week. So weighing and tracking absolutely everything on myfitness pal, allowing myself 1600 calories a day.

I weigh myself on a Sunday morning and first week lost 2lbs, next week put 2lbs on, next week lost 2lbs and then this week maintained. So 2lbs in a month whereas usually I would have lost at least three times that in the first months, then slowed down.

What am I doing wrong? I am 30 this year, is it true your metabolism can change after having a baby? Why is what I did previously not working😭

I also track my steps and ensure I do 10-12k a day which is what I did pre pregnancy. Planning on focusing on exercise when I am allowed to join a gym but previously I did the first two stone with diet plus I have heard that 80% of weight loss is about diet?

Thanks for any helpful comments x

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