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What should I eat when I want crisps?

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overweightcat Sun 10-May-20 16:20:23

Or savoury snacks?

I'm cutting down on sugar, sweets and biscuits and snacks in general and find I'm craving less and less sugar.
However I sometimes find myself craving something savoury especially cheese and onion crisps and I'm having to really struggle when we do have some in to not eat them.

What good savoury snacking options are out there when I'm craving something like crisps?

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Layoverlife Sun 10-May-20 16:32:38

Someone may come along with a better suggestion but to deter myself from eating to many packets of crisps i eat rice cakes instead smile

sittingonacornflake Sun 10-May-20 16:33:07

Popcorn with salt?

HRHPP Sun 10-May-20 16:34:38

Itsu seaweed gives you the salty crisp hit and only 22 calories a pack. Delicious .

Blurpblorp Sun 10-May-20 16:35:43

Snack a Jacks smile
Also big snacks jack rice cakes with light Dairylea are surprisingly nice. I'm not sponsored by them by the way grin

Otherwise, if you're really craving then, have a bag of crisps and don't worry.

Fantasisa Sun 10-May-20 16:36:07

Pickled onions?

Grumpbum123 Sun 10-May-20 16:36:32

Have a bag count them into your day

Witchofzog Sun 10-May-20 16:38:12

How about cashew nuts?

Lolly86 Sun 10-May-20 16:40:00

Itsu seaweed is amazing....I agree! Does any supermarket stock it, ive seen it in we had a snack delivery at work and the seaweed was in them...👍👍👍

RedRed9 Sun 10-May-20 16:41:20

Pickled onions.

Sliced apple and peanut butter (although I doubt my ratio of peanut butter to apple slice helps with weight loss).

I sometimes make up a little ramekin of sliced celery, peppers, onion and cheese.

If you can cope without the crunch then it’s probably better to snack on protein: a hard boiled egg or some slices of chicken.

And remember to drink lots of water! Sometimes when you feel hungry you’re actually thirsty and a big glass of water and waiting ten minutes helps loads.

nitgel Sun 10-May-20 16:42:04


dancemom Sun 10-May-20 16:46:56


mothtoaflame Sun 10-May-20 16:52:28


domesticslattern Sun 10-May-20 17:02:47

radishes dipped in salt
carrots dipped in hummus

KingaRoo Sun 10-May-20 17:08:08

Dry bran flakes! I find them addictive though so be warned.

PickAChew Sun 10-May-20 17:11:13

Nuts - weighed of course. Not low calorie but nutritious and filling.

Zoey92 Sun 10-May-20 17:13:52

Dont not eat them.
1 bag is ok. Quavers, wotsits there is alot of low cal crisps out there

Laurendelight Sun 10-May-20 17:16:31


LongPauseNoReply Sun 10-May-20 17:19:32

She's cutting down on sugar so why suggest rice cakes (practically pure glucose from starch) and popcorn (even more sugar than rice cakes).

The seaweed is a great idea. Salty cheese like parmigiano cubes with Parma ham or cucumber slices with cream cheese.

teta Sun 10-May-20 17:31:26

Cucumber slices in soy sauce.
Baby tomatoes with a sprinkling of sea salt.
A few olives.
Roasted peppers in olive oil with sea salt.

larrythelizard Sun 10-May-20 17:40:43

Pombears - their multipack bags are only 69 calories!

TheStirrer Sun 10-May-20 17:55:49

Keto Parmesan crisps - not low cal the amount I eat 🤣

musicmum75 Sun 10-May-20 17:56:53

Oatcakes topped with cottage cheese works for me when I'm craving a salty snack.

Crystal87 Sun 10-May-20 17:57:50

Carrot sticks and low fat hummus. Gherkins. Or just allow a small low cal bag.

peanutbutterandbananas Sun 10-May-20 17:58:54

Crackers are good, especially seeded Ryvita

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