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Anyone trying (and struggling) to lose weight in lockdown?

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boxpo Fri 08-May-20 09:43:57

I'm so so fed up of hating my body so I've decided to do something about it but I'm in Scotland so definitely still in lockdown for another three weeks. I'm 12st 5lb, 5"7 and want to get to 9st eventually but I'm making a three month plan to have lost 2 stone by mid-August (if that's even possible?). I've been trying for a week but haven't lost a pound yet sad is anyone else just starting to try too? Might be nice to have some moral support during these times smile

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Florabritannica Fri 08-May-20 09:55:51

Yes! I seem to be gaining a pound a day at the moment despite watching what I eat. Desperately need to shift 2 stone, ideally three. Starting to despair of ever wearing nice clothes again.

Noconceptofnormal Mon 11-May-20 19:58:38

Yes. I was doing OK with weightless but I have put on 4lb in the last few weeks (think the knock on affect of Easter eggs and a few indulgent bbqs have now shown up on the scales, my fault but is hugely depressing).

My aim is to kick start my diet again, eat really well and really up my exercise, did an hour today which I hope I can.

Goal is 10lbs by the end of May, hoping I can do it. Complicating factor is that I'm breastfeeding (and I'm the annoying type that can't shift weight whilst feeding rather than those who can breastfeed themselves slim) so I can't drop calories too much or starve myself, I can only really eat sensible food and really up my movement.

Bringonspring Mon 11-May-20 20:00:25

Yes I would like 7lb by the end of may. I’m doing quite a bit of exercise just not doing all those steps I would normally get

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