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Has anyone had a gastric balloon? I’m interested in the newer non surgical one.

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Neednewwellies Tue 05-May-20 23:28:40

As of today, I am 2 stone overweight. I’m also menopausal so no matter what I eat, I seem only to maintain rather than lose. Exercise has become difficult due to a knee I just too meaning I’m looking and feeling a bit rubbish.
So I’ve been looking at the gastric balloon procedure using the newer one that you swallow. This means no surgery and it also contains air instead of saline which apparently means less sickness. I can’t find many reviews online so wondered if anyone on here had had it done and how you felt? Whether it worked both short and longer term? Also, what’s it like when it pops after the 16wks as I’m struggling to understand that bit. Thanks

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PinkDramaLlama Tue 05-May-20 23:50:56

I don't know much about this but I would have thought 2 stone overweight would not be classed as sufficiently obese to justify such a procedure.

Neednewwellies Wed 06-May-20 00:01:12

Thanks @PinkDramaLlama. According to the manufacturer’s site and Spire Healthcare’s website, I’m in the category that it suits. I wouldn’t quality for anything more drastic nor would I opt for anything like that at my weight. This is a non surgical, 15minute procedure which doesn’t even need removing. But I think it’s fairly new or at least it’s widespread use is so I can’t find much information in the way of reviews. I’m worried about sickness as I have a fairly queasy stomach at the best of times.

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MollyBloomYes Wed 06-May-20 00:01:33

Have you thought of using the gastric band hypnosis app? It's 12weekstowow, they do loads but the gastric band one has been the most helpful for me
It's not a magic bullet, there are some (very simple) guidelines to follow but it isn't a diet, it changes your mindset around food and eating habits and the hypnosis really helps to cement that. They also have a great support group on Facebook that you join through the app.
I've had enormous success with it, at one point was looking quite svelte, which I haven't felt since the first time I was pregnant (two massive babies and forging in sugar to get me through their determination to never sleep. Ever). I've fallen off the wagon a bit recently so I warn you that you need to keep listening to the tracks and engaging rather than getting complacent and deciding you don't need to listen anymore (ahem...blush)
The best thing about it is how easy it is, I found that with hardly any mental effort on my part my brain just started to click into place and really question whether I needed that snack or if I really fancied chocolate when actually if I thought about it I was really craving some fruit. And all it takes to jumpstart that thinking is listening to the track once a day and moving onto the next track at the right point (they include detailed instructions as to when to do so). I listen as I'm falling asleep-it's fine to have it playing while you're sleeping.
Costs about a fiver for the app, much cheaper than the real thing and I think it really helps (promise I don't work for them)
I think I read about on here first, probably there'll be some threads about it if you search virtual gastric band
Good luck!

Neednewwellies Wed 06-May-20 00:52:58

Thanks @MollyBloomYes. I’ve tried PMcK’s virtual gastric band twice and it doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t seem receptive to it at all. I was gutted as I’d heard such good things.

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MollyBloomYes Wed 06-May-20 23:37:15

@Neednewwellies oh what a shame! Well good luck in finding something that will work for you

Neednewwellies Thu 14-May-20 08:25:56

Just bumping in case anyone has any thoughts or has had the procedure.

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INeedNewShoes Thu 14-May-20 08:32:00

You say that regardless of how little you eat that you seem to maintain weight rather than lose weight. I thought these gastric things just restrict the amount you eat so surely it won't make you lose weight if your changes to your diet haven't made any difference anyway?

It doesn't seem a great time to experiment with something that there's not a lot of information on as if anything has a bad effect on you you may need medical help.

Wilmalovescake Thu 14-May-20 08:34:23

I’ve never heard of this. Watching with interest.

JeffJarrett Thu 14-May-20 08:43:57

I was interested in this too as I have 3 stones to shift!

Found a Facebook group. Obera support it might be called? After reading posts there it seems like it has a very high failure rate, a lot of people feeling sick and unwell and having to have it taken out early, some not losing weight at all and some can feel the balloon and get constant indigestion/gas. Seemed like a 50/50 split of those who loved it and those who didn't.

It has worked really well for some people, but for me it isn't worth the risk for the amount of people that have had major issues with it, and it isn't cheap.

Neednewwellies Thu 14-May-20 09:20:18

Thanks @INeedNewShoes, I see to be sticking to somewhere between 1200 and 2000 calories a day but usually around 1400. When dieting I was doing 1200. I saw a dietitian and she said my normal calorie intake of @1400, even up to 2000 a couple of times a week should be fine for maintenance. She suggested that during and after menopause the reality is that women need far fewer calories to maintain meaning that even at 1200, I may be gaining. She said low carb is not popular amongst dieticians but she thinks it’s what works best for women post menopause. However, I find it tricky due to being vegetarian and having previous issues with my gallbladder.

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Neednewwellies Thu 14-May-20 09:23:48

@Wilmalovescake, it’s called the Oberon Elipse.
@JeffJarrett, thanks, that’s interesting. I will look it up. I’m not on FB though so I may need to get to grips with that first! grin Do you know if those who were ill had the newer one that you swallow? I’ve heard there’s less sickness associated with it due to it being air and thus sitting towards the top of the stomach.

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JeffJarrett Thu 14-May-20 10:54:07

I think that Obera (Orbera?) is the one you swallow.

There are some with different balloons though. Some of the 6 month ones and the 12 month ones.

Neednewwellies Thu 14-May-20 16:30:27

Thanks @JeffJarrett. I plan to rejoin Facebook later and look for the group you mentioned. I joined about 10yrs ago but never really got to grips with it.

I’m not sure I’d want the endoscopy ones but I’ll look anyway. I need to do something as menopause has taken over my life and this is getting me down.

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missmouse101 Thu 14-May-20 16:39:31

I've had the Obalon about 3 years ago, at Spire. I'm afraid it was useless for me. I just permanently felt like my stomach was rumbling and uncomfortable and the only thing that made it feel better was to eat. I had it in for a month or so I think and lost no weight because of the above. I couldn't wait to have it removed. They do that under sedation. It was very disappointing and a horrific waste of money. Gastric band hypnotherapy also did nothing. I kept waiting to feel something different or feel full, but there was no change whatsoever. 2 stone isn't much, OP. Don't waste your money.

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