Best ways to lose 6lb

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BigKnickers87 Fri 01-May-20 07:26:12

Morning, can anyone offer me any advice please? I want to lose 6lb. I’m currently the heaviest I’ve been not pregnant and it’s depressing me. I’m not classed as overweight carrying the extra 6lb but I can’t fit in my summer shorts, so I want to get down to the weight I was when I could wear them. I’m struggling though. When I’ve lost weight after having the kids I’ve just reduced calories and the weight came off but I’m starving all the time even on 1500 calories 😫 I don’t really have many ‘bad’ habits. I’m not drinking much, I only drink water during the day, I don’t add extra sauces, I don’t have much bread because wheat bloats me, I’m only having a small amount of chocolate a day to keep the cravings off etc etc. I’m also moving and hitting 10k steps a day. I’m at a bit of a loss how I can do this without being hungry and bad tempered which isn’t ideal in lock down with two young kids 😫😫

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NatalieH2220 Fri 01-May-20 07:31:22

Have you tried slimming world before? I've known people to lose that in their first week on slimming world. I managed to lose 1.5 stone since Xmas this way so was more gradual and now working on maintaining that.

BigKnickers87 Fri 01-May-20 07:37:50

No I haven’t tried it. I’m not really sure on how it works either to be honest? 🤔 well done on your weight loss!

I’m guessing people who lose that in their first week have a lot to lose? I can’t imagine how little I’d have to eat to lose it all so quickly!

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ilovemydogandMrObama Fri 01-May-20 07:40:01

Am looking at Sirt Diet - am reading mostly the science bit at the beginning of the book, so no experience, but am impressed by the amount of research.

Planetzog Fri 01-May-20 07:47:48

The only thing that's ever worked from me is 52 eg fasting on 2 days. I can't cope with watching what I eat every day but 2 days a week is doable. I stick to roughly 800 calories a day, skipping breakfast. I tend to have a calorie controlled ready meal in the evening - the M and S Balanced for You are my faves. I lost a stone quickly doing this - one or two pounds a week.

NatalieH2220 Fri 01-May-20 08:05:40

The thing I like about it is that you can actually eat a lot. I have a big appetite so most diets don't work for me. It's just making sure you eat the right things. Some things like fruit, veg, pasta, rice, potatoes, eggs, chicken, lean meat are all free so you can eat as much as you like. You're allowed so much fibre (bread, cereal) per day and so much dairy (milk, cheese) and then have a 'syn' allowance to things like butter or crisps or chocolate. There are a lot of Facebook groups if you wanted to join without signing up but I found group useful. Although it's all virtual at the minute of course. I lost 4lb in my first week and was a size 16.

BigKnickers87 Fri 01-May-20 11:34:01

Thanks everyone. I’ve been looking into slimming world and it’s made me see that I think I’m not being honest with myself. I’m not eating enough proper food and then eating too much chocolate etc because I’m hungry. I’ll get my shit together! Thanks again!

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