Moving down in May

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Octopus37 Thu 30-Apr-20 07:56:32

So here's the new thread for tomorrow, excuse the boring title. Unless a miracle happens by tomorrow, I will be starting the month heavier than I started April. Weigh 9st1.5. Aiming for 8st13. Hopefully things might start to change in May. even if its only slightly, which will lift our spirits.

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MonsteraCheeseplant Thu 30-Apr-20 07:58:47

I'm still blindly optimistic that my plateau will have shifted on weigh in day - Saturday and i'll be in the 10 somethings.

EndlessUserName Fri 01-May-20 07:15:59


Sorry I have been AWOL... I've had a quick catch up on the thread and really hope you are all ok, it sounds like loads of us are finding this time difficult for so many reasons. I'm finding time to de-stress a bit now with exercise in the evenings which is helping. Other than that I read a book which basically said 'you have kids, spend time with them!' which was a big kick up in the bum that I needed, I know that won't motivate everyone but for some reason it has helped me this week.

So for weight loss...

First @Octopus37 you're doing so well! There's only a few pounds in it, we can't be machines and I think especially during a time like this then that's really impressive to be hovering around the same weight. Don't be too hard on yourself please flowers

I'm very similar. I managed to lose about 2lb last month which puts me back to my February weight of 9st12. My goal is 9st 4 but that seems pretty far away right now so I think I'll set a mini goal for this month to get to 9st 10. I'll be pissed off it I go back to work the same weight as when I left!! (Slightly joking!)

@MonsteraCheeseplant fingers crossed for you!

Hello to everyone else, I saw loads of familiar names on the thread so will be lovely to hear from you and to meet some newbies too smile

I'll admit I'm finding social media very difficult right now which is why I've not been posting... I may try to post once a week instead and catch up that way. I'm still sort of here though! Good luck everyone!

EndlessUserName Fri 01-May-20 07:22:39

Hmm I just found my plan from last month's thread too... I'm going to change it a bit and repost here and may even stick on the fridge in big letters! It's not like anyone is going to come and see it grin

Portion control - B, L and D
Fruit for pudding only, no baking
5+ fruit and veg a day
Snacking - fruit only
No secret eating
Chocolate only with DP in evening

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 01-May-20 07:57:08

Happy first of the month everybody!
So as a brief summary. I'm 5'9.5". Started at 11 stone 7. Goal weight 10 stone 10.

Today i'm finally in the 10 somethings! Down to 10 stone 12! Yay!
9lbs down in total. I am extremely happy as I have had a little plateau despite keeping to around 1200 calories a day never more than 1300 and I even had two pieces of carrot cake yesterday.

Octopus37 Fri 01-May-20 08:23:36

Monstera that's fantastic, well done you, that's amazing. Stop funding lovely to see you back, know what you mean about social media, although I''m finding that all the facebook crafting and stuff is dying down. You are so right about it being an unusually difficult times, think I could live on chocolate right now, so trying to just partially do that lol. Here's to May everyone, lets hope that things are looking more positive by the end of the month.

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Porpoises Fri 01-May-20 16:18:31

Nice to see you @stopfundinghate. I agree that social media isn't always healthy, sounds like you are making sensible choices!

Well done @MonsteraCheeseplant!

Reviewing my aims from last month:
-keep eating a nutritious diet--- Yes smile
-exercise regularly and increase my fitness--- Not as much as I'd like, maybe need some fitness goals
-grow some veg/salad (have made a start in the last two weeks) -- Yes smile Plants are coming along excellently.
-stay at 71kg or lower. --- Yes smile 70kg now. Slowly but surely.

Will have a think about some aims for this month.


everycowandagain Fri 01-May-20 16:19:33

I am just going to sneak back on in and hope nobody notices my 8 week absence....

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 01-May-20 16:22:43

Just casually join in and no one'll say a thing everycow wink

Porpoises Fri 01-May-20 16:23:03

I'm now picturing a cow trying to sneak grin Welcome back!

Porpoises Fri 01-May-20 16:24:05

We have quite a high proportion of animal names on this thread!

everycowandagain Fri 01-May-20 16:50:10

Ha yeah, I'm doing a four legged not so stealthy creep across the thread...

I have mostly been trying to stay sane and stay on top of life since I was here last. I am probably a couple of pounds up but mostly trying to drink water, eat things that are not beige and get the home workouts in. We have a good range of weights (inc a squat rack DH bought just before lockdown!) and I love HIIT.

My goal is not to slash the tyres.....

Also my May half term beach hol is obviously cancelled so that does not help!!

Polkadotties Fri 01-May-20 23:42:28

Can I join?
Weighed myself yesterday and was a massive 14st. At 5ft6 this means I am obese, so disgusted with myself.
My happy weight used to be low 10 stone, would love to get back down to that.
I feel so large and uncomfortable sad

MonsteraCheeseplant Sat 02-May-20 07:07:21

Welcome Polkadotties. How are you planning on going about losing weight?

Polkadotties Sat 02-May-20 09:46:25

I have PCOS and the only way that really works for me is low carbing

Octopus37 Sat 02-May-20 09:46:30

Welcome Polkadotties. Lovely to see you back everycow. I have got to get back on track here, not doing very well 9st2.25 this morning, so up again. I did eat some chocolate concrete though and have chips, pitta and humus and a can of Strongbow for dinner, so its not hard to see why. Just really need to get a grip. Aiming for less and proper calorie counting again, have lost a lot of motivation recently and can see myself really sliding. Just eating a cereal bar for breakfast at the moment. I will get back on track

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EndlessUserName Sat 02-May-20 11:21:47

Welcome @Polkadotties

Keep going @Octopus37 sometimes we just need to get back to basics? That's what I'm thinking for myself anyway

Hello @everycowandagain! Aaah I miss all the talk of slashing tyres! That's great about the weights. I've also upped my exercise again, it's been a bit of a sanity saver too

Octopus37 Sat 02-May-20 12:07:35

Thanks stopfunding, yes back to basics, although there is no way ai can give up chocolate

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Twilbury Sat 02-May-20 14:29:32

I have over 3 stone to lose and have joined weightwatchers last week which I am hoping will help but need all the help I can get.

I seem to have spent most of lockdown eating snacks and drinking wine which is clearly not helping matters.

I am fed up starting yet another diet and really want this to be the last one .

RedAzalea Sat 02-May-20 14:40:32

I’m obese now too!hmm

I’ve got loads to lose, I’ve done it before and can do it again but I’m struggling with 2 things

No more running events to book to motivate me. Half marathons etc

No more slimming world clubs which I used for weigh in motivation

I need something to work towards and even beach holidays seem a long way off. I started yesterday so I’m hoping this month is the month I kick start the weight loss

EndlessUserName Sat 02-May-20 17:01:05

Welcome smile we weigh in here so that might help with motivation.

@Octopus37 definitely not giving up chocolate!

Hopefully the summer will be a motivation to want salads and lighter meals

everycowandagain Sat 02-May-20 19:55:59

Going to be honest... DH has just gone to collect Five Guys. Tomorrow I am going to do a HIIT workout and some weights, and when my head is back in the game I am going to get back to my usual plan of 1500 calories a day, good old fashioned consistency, plenty of fresh nutritious food, lots of water anf binge watching Jordan Syatt on YouTube for some hard talking sensible diet motivation.

EndlessUserName Sat 02-May-20 20:14:16

Don't worry @everycowandagain! That's life!! We had our weekly Chinese last night too!

winterisstillcoming Sat 02-May-20 20:49:22

I just wrote a mega long post and lost it. sad

winterisstillcoming Sat 02-May-20 20:53:55

Then pressed post too soon.

Hope all are well! Welcome to the newbies! No self shaming and blaming allowed here x

@monstera well done!
@Octopus37 I can so relate to the crash in motivation. Need to find it, those YouTube videos may be worth looking at.

So needless to say I've slashed my tyres big time. And it's birthday week in our household so there are going to be takeaways and a massive food order from the supermarket.

I weighed in -1lb at the end of April. I was disappointed but not surprised. I think a STS is realistic for me this month.

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