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Just putting myself out there...

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SlimBig Sun 03-May-20 00:41:17

Thanks @Ploughingthrough, I’ll check it out

@Eesha you’ve done well - good on you!

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Eesha Fri 01-May-20 08:27:16

I'm 13 stone 8 and 5ft 6. I cut back on sweets/chocolates and crisps about a month ago and my weight dropped to this (from about 14 stone) but has now stayed the same. I should be about 2 stone lighter. Very disheartening.

Ploughingthrough Fri 01-May-20 01:32:03

Hi op. You can do this - do small targets a month at a time. At the beginning of the year I had at least 2 stone I needed to lose and I joined the 'lose 7lb/3kg a month' group. Here we are just starting :the May thread:

It's so supportive and people using a variety of methods to reach their goals. 3k/7lb am month is totally achievable as well. Come join us.

SlimBig Thu 30-Apr-20 22:31:19

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your responses. I’m sorry you’re all struggling too, but I have every faith that we can do this if we try.
@clpsmum ditto with the full term pregnancy weight - I’m 2 stone over mine sad I’ve also got a tracker so hope it brings some incentive.
@FelicityFlockheart it’s amazing you’ve done so well, you must be so pleased with your blood results.
@EC22 I’m right there with you - I hate that I’ve not realised how huge I am until now.
@Purrmuda well done on your journey so far. A dress size is super. I do body pump sessions, they’re good for building strength. Lots of free online workouts available on social media at the moment.

I had a good day of approx 1,300 kcal a today and 15000 steps so feel good.

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Purrmuda Wed 29-Apr-20 22:15:02

Im on another thread about this too. I feel the same as you OP. But also that being obese has made me (and I think this will increasingly be the case) a social pariah.
Ive lost a dress size so far but like you, have a huge mountain in front of me to contend with.
The dream is a normal BMI but I also want to be strong with good muscles too.
Ive been doing Joe Wicks and walking too. Would like to know more about increasing muscle tone but no idea where to start?! Do I just do a load of push ups everyday?

Im here OP. I haven't got anyone I can discuss this with in reality and I'm scared and embarrassed.

EC22 Wed 29-Apr-20 21:15:49

I’m a size 22.
I joined healthy wage in February (where you bet you’ll lose weight). I bet £120 I’d lose 3 stone in 6 months, it’s been two months and I’ve not lost a thing.
I gave myself a shake and on Sunday I started fasted/ low carb. I’ve hit the proper sugar withdrawal now but I know it won’t last long.
I took a before photo earlier. I hadn’t realised just how big I actually am. I’d need to lose loads more to be a healthy weight, but it’s a start!

FelicityFlockheart Wed 29-Apr-20 21:15:24

I started 10 weeks ago and thank god I did as I was well into the swing of things by the time lockdown came around

I was also the heaviest I'd ever been at 15 stone 5 lbs. I'm currently 13 stone 8 so I'm doing OK I guess, 25 lbs down. I'd like to lose another 2 and a half stone.

I'm calorie counting. It just works for me as I'm vegetarian so low carbing is just hard work and I like the odd carb here and there

I've been eating between 1000 & 1300 calories a day and once a week I eat 1500 calories. Ooh and I eat these calories between 12pm & 6pm each day. I walk 15,000 steps a day.

I started because I got such a shock after some private blood test results at Christmas. High cholesterol, low iron, high CRP and low vitamin D. I had the same tests done again last week and all my tests were normal SO I know for sure that I'm heading in the right direction

Happy to join you for support

clpsmum Wed 29-Apr-20 19:43:19

Hi there I started today. I have six stone to lose (how the hell did this happen??) I'm the heaviest that I've ever been including when I was nine months pregnant 😱.

I'm doing Cambridge to shift the first couple of stones and then planning to calorie count. Happy to chat and encourage each other.

I've installed a weight loss tracker and a photo tracker in the hope it motivates me too

SlimBig Tue 28-Apr-20 22:05:35

I’m not a newbie to MN but have name changed for the purpose of weight loss chat.
Basically, COVID-19 has me terrified of being obese. I’ve been very overweight for the last 12 years, since I was about 21 and started stress eating due to unbelievable work stress when I started teaching.
I have been yo-yoing ever since, tried every diet under the sun, all eventually leading to regaining + extra.
According to my BMI I’m 9 stone overweight. However, I’m never going to be that weight - even when I was a size 10 I was a stone or two heavier than ‘healthy’ according to my BMI. I’m now a size 20.
In a perfect world I’d like to lose 7 stone but in all honesty I’d be happy with 5 stone or a size 12/14.
Just decided to come on here and see what it’s like as I started calorie counting yesterday so hoping to find people to chat to for motivation etc - can anyone recommend any positive threads/groups for supportive chat?
Thanks blush

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