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Second Nature

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Neolara Mon 27-Apr-20 08:07:44

Well I think it's like everything. It works if you continue to do it. If you abandon the principles and go back to eating how you normally do, you will put on weight. I thought it was supportive of making long term change.

randomer Sun 26-Apr-20 08:33:34

Thanks, I feel slightly dismayed at the "back on it", having been off and on things for a good 50 years now!

Oh I now see " some people didn't lose much"

Can't afford another non starter.

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Neolara Sun 26-Apr-20 08:04:43

I did it last summer and thought it was great. Lost about a stone and have kept most of it off. It's about changing habits more than a diet. I did the cheaper (no tech) version. For me, the sensible low carbing / high protein was a bit of a revelation. I just didn't feel hungry. The daily articles and support group helped me remember to stay focused and motivated when things weren't always going according to plan. However, I think I was the most successful in my small group at losing weight (you can see how well others have done as a proportion of their goal as a percentage) and some people didn't seem to lose very much at all.

missfliss Sun 26-Apr-20 07:53:05

Yes. On it for the second time.

I rate it very highly.
It is a sustainable way to eat and live for life and teaches you the tenets of good nutrition and self care.

Why am I on it for a second time?

Well I had a very difficult time fighting a legal battle for my sons education and frankly I went through a period of eating and drinking what the hell I liked when I liked once it was over. No mystery there.

Back on this supported way of eating for life now and expect to eat / live like this for the vast majority of the time for life - following a kind of 80/20 rule

randomer Sun 26-Apr-20 07:35:26

Has anybody tried this please? Any honest reviews?

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