Weight loss motivation

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ppeatfruit Sat 25-Apr-20 12:22:46

Good question hamster grin

hamstersarse Sat 25-Apr-20 12:18:11

If you know low carb works for you, yet low calorie you find difficult to stick to...the obvious question is why are you doing low cal?

I’d question how motivated you actually are if you are doing something that you know doesn’t work?!?!

Do you really want to lose weight right now or are you in that zone where you are Also saying to yourself “it’s not that bad” ?

ppeatfruit Sat 25-Apr-20 08:18:15

I lost 3 stone without counting one calorie!!!!! ( I still never do) I kicked it off with giving up a daily strong coffee (loads of flitered water and herbal teas).

Yes to maintain I do low carb (no wheat) but whole rice and pure spelt or rye bread. Oh and only eating when I'm hungry , eating slowly , really chewing, enjoying the taste, sitting down, not in front of a screen. Stopping when I feel full. That's Paul Mackenna advice and it's brilliant!!

Featurewall Fri 24-Apr-20 20:30:29

Need inspiration please. Got about 1.5 stone to shift. I know if I got my act together i could be feeling much healthier/ happier about myself by June. Low carb works a treat for me ,I look more svelte after about a week, does wonders for my skin, mood etc. But I'm just in such a funk. Been trying to do low cal but I just constantly go over. Its really getting me down. Hardly any photos of me with DC2 as I have hated how I've looked since she was born (now 2!!) Just would like some inspo from anyone who has lost a similar amount to.spur me on.

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