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I want to lose weight but feel stuck

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coffeecoffeegoose Tue 14-Apr-20 20:08:02

I'm 8m postpartum and had a c-section. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time now, around 5 months or so. I don't have any scales anymore as I find them demotivating but am instead going by the fit of my clothes and it was working well.

I was going out for 2 huge walks a day with baby in the carrier, getting to the gym 2-3 evenings a week and getting all the fresh and healthy choice food I needed from the supermarket regularly.
I can now only do 1 of these walks and it's nowhere near as challenging and getting food is becoming an issue now too

I have such a sweet tooth and have been finding myself filling the days with baking and eating far less fresh food as I haven't been able to get it in bulk as before and can feel myself sliding down the slippery slope.

If I had to estimate, I would say that I weighed 13st immediately after baby was born and must now weigh somewhere around 12st. I'm 5.8" and almost 30. Currently a dress size 12/14.

I have started 16/8 fasting today and try to make sure I walk at least 2 miles a day. I am trying to make sure my portions are around fist size and that I eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. I am trying to drink plenty of water but coffee is a must at the moment with a small and exhausting baby in the mix, I do try to have it black most of the time.

Is this enough? Will I be losing weight? Feeling so lost and unmotivated now when I'd just got on a good roll before lockdown

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Furloughrefusedconfused Tue 14-Apr-20 23:39:40

Try logging on to my fitness pal and seeing how many calories you actually consume rather than estimating. Weight loss is mostly diet unless you are exercising a lot to burn of a lot of what you consume. I used to work out 6 times a week then suddenly couldn’t -health reasons- then I felt miserable and started eating junk. Suddenly I was 2 stone heavier.

Without doing any exercise at all I have managed to lose the weight. I still have cake but I work out how many calories, how much I want it & what I could have instead for those calories.

Today for lunch I had a packet of crisps and a Mrs crimbles coconut macaroon-ridiculous choice as with a cuppa that tiny bit if food was 315 calories.

If I had had a bowl of homemade leek and potato soup and a slice of bread it would have been more filling and only 219 calories. The shocking realisation of how many calories are actually in some things is an eye opener. Inputting the ingredients into MFP and having it calculate that the slice of home made Victoria sponge -plain, no jam/cream/butter icing- was 343 calories is unreal. I’ve dished myself up a roast dinner with less calories than that piece of cake grin

Healthy fat, whilst they may be healthy, can be calorific. Having previously tried fasting I don’t feel it’s sustainable long term. 2 miles a day, depending on pace, incline etc burns 140-240 calories. If you have a small avocado and a banana that’s those calories eaten back but you will feel the benefit of getting fitter.
Good luck

coffeecoffeegoose Wed 15-Apr-20 09:36:21

Thank you for your advice, it's good to hear it from a different perspective and you make some really good points

I have downloaded MFP so I'll start trying to remember to use that, I can only imagine how easy it is to go overboard now you mention the cake 😳 it's changed since I last used it and it seems more user friendly somehow so hopefully I can get on better with it

I guess it's trying to remember thar weight loss is a long game and staying motivated while in lockdown confused

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