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Healthy meal ideas / snacks

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aspiringnurse Sun 12-Apr-20 13:30:36


So after a few years being on slimming world and inevitably losing and gaining the same half a stone, I'm now heavier than I was and with the whole lockdown restrictions and being in the house more with DS1 I'm finding I'm snacking more on rubbish/eating all the time!!
Feeling sluggish and unmotivated as now my clothes don't fit and feel generally bloated 24/7

I'm reluctant to go back into SW as I don't want to put pressure into myself but I do still eat a lot of the meals as that's just what I really like.

Need some ideas for just general healthy snacks, meals and tips for a healthy lifestyle?

Any help would be hugely appreciated grin

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Beechview Sun 12-Apr-20 13:41:56

Snack only on fruit.
Have half your plate as salad or veg for meals
(Frozen is fine)
Drink lots of water.

sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 12-Apr-20 13:45:07

the NHS weight loss plan link might help? Its less pressurized than the likes of slimming world because you aren't actually signing up for anything, just using the resources available can sign up to the online weighloss forum (linked in the first week of the plan) for free if you like, but its optional, and there is a link to meal ideas and a calorie counter on the first week of the plan also. if you scroll down there are also a few snack ideas.

all the best x

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