Breastfeeding and weight loss

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LuckyKitty13 Wed 08-Apr-20 09:11:19


I'm breastfeeding my 12 month old. No intention of stopping. I lost all the baby weight within 3 weeks, but over the last 6 months (weaning was not going well!) I've started putting it on again. I'm now 11 stone 5lb (5ft 6in) and it's the heaviest I've been. Not sure about a goal weight - 10stone?

How can I do this without messing up my milk supply? I'm currently eating 3 normal meals a day and not snacking. I think my diet is good and balanced, I'm just eating too much?

Average day:
Breakfast is 2 slices wholegrain homemade toast with nut butter and an apple OR porridge with oat milk and a banana.

Lunch is cheese and crackers with humous and veg sticks, or an omelette with salad.

Dinner is something like dahl, or chickpea curry, or roasted veg and chicken, or jacket potato with tuna and salad etc. Just normal meals.

If I'm hungry I might eat more toast and fruit. Or some falafal or something?

Exercise clearly limited right now, not that I did any before! But I'm having a daily hour walk across the fields with baby on my back in the sling, and I'm in the garden every day doing gardening duties (we have a large veg patch, and the rest of the large garden needs constant maintenance)

Any tips?! I'll post here my daily menu for accountability! Anyone in the same boat?


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