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An alternative to the 30 day shred?

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GeraldTippett Sun 12-Apr-20 22:47:04

I've just started JM's 6 Week 6 Pack (ow) and this is providing a good challenge so far. If you do an advanced search on JM in this topic, you'll find some really full threads on all of her DVDs from around 2011 which I've been reading for inspiration (and information!) as there are lots of reviews of different fitness DVDs. Some of them are called 'JM's Instruments of Torture' or similar. HTH

CrimsonCattery Fri 10-Apr-20 22:24:09

What about Jillian's other videos like ripped in 30?

BloggersNetwork Sat 04-Apr-20 06:42:30

Hello. I really like the 30 day shred but it's the only workout I have done now for years and it's getting a little stale. To mix it up a bit I have tried one of Davina's videos but I found it too cardio-based and fast paces for me.

Is there anything else you'd recommend? For context, I am 50 YO and healthy but not specially fit.


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