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Food Combiners

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supercee Tue 31-Mar-20 08:38:34

For the food combiners, what sort of things did you eat? What did a daily menu look like?

Food combining sounds interesting as I've always suffered with bloating etc.

Yesterday I had an oat milk latte for breakfast, a salad with feta, beetroot, sweet corn, tomato, homemade hummus with some homemade dressing (a drizzle) about 12pm then chicken sausages with a homemade pepper/red onion tomato sauce and side salad.

Today oat milk latte again, salad sandwich for lunch then I might do a butternut squash and chickpea curry with a small serving of rice.

Does this sound about right? I am a bit confused about beans and legumes. Some websites say they're a protein, others carbs, others say can have with both. Protein and veg meals will be fine from my low carbing days.

Determined to come out of this lockdown a stone down!!

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jillandhersprite Tue 31-Mar-20 08:48:34

We always eat like this for last 10 years...
Typical breakfast is toast or cereal. Lunch is carb based - beans on toast, salad butty. Dinner is usually a meat or fish with veg or salad. We rarely eat pasta, potatoes or rice. We aren't doing it for weight reasons ,- rather it helps my husband's digestion and it's easier for me to make 1 meal.
I'm surprised to see your post -its an old fashioned diet and few people have heard of it!
Your menu sounds fine - we've just taken a long time to learn and adapt.
E.g. yes baked beans are considered a 'high protein' food by many people. Yes in relative terms they may have more protein than other veg but they are still predominantly carb and husband finds they digest like a carb for him so he eats them with carbs rather than protein...

supercee Tue 31-Mar-20 08:59:24

Thanks @jillandhersprite that's helpful.

It was on the other weight loss after 40 thread a couple of people mentioned they had lost weight by food combining so started to read up on it.

I'm not 40 yet (couple of years to go!) and have only lost weight by low carbing. Cutting them out completely and sticking to it for long periods of time is getting increasingly harder though so hoping to still be able to lose with small amounts of rice, bread etc just eaten in the 'correct' way. Still going to track calories though and not go carb daft.

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ppeatfruit Tue 31-Mar-20 12:41:19

It's an old fashioned way of eating but there's no problem with it, the opposite !!! I have done it for many years. As soon as dh does it properly he loses weight immediately. IMO and E It's the eating fruit on an empty stomach that makes soo much difference to my health. I don't leave over 3 hours between meals though. I know what you mean about beans! I've just had pea and white bean veg soup with ryvita (delicious!).

As I've got older I have combined it with the Paul Mackenna mindfulness eating too.

ppeatfruit Tue 31-Mar-20 12:44:28

super Oh btw I find that chickpeas ,houmous give me bloating , but white beans and peas don't.

supercee Wed 01-Apr-20 18:38:20

Thanks @ppeatfruit I really like underripe bananas so glad I can have one in the morning on an empty stomach.

I'll see how I go with the chickpeas and maybe switch to peas to pad things out a bit, I do get a bit gassy on beans and legumes blush

Today was oat milk latte, wholemeal pitta filled with salad and a bit of avocado and a a veggie currie, salad and small portion of brown basmati rice.

Feeling good about this!

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ppeatfruit Thu 02-Apr-20 09:09:27

Actually If I remember correctly you can have bananas even after a carb meal because they're carby.

The Paul Mackenna bit is to eat slowly (really enjoying the flavours) and stop when you're full!

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