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Lardy Ladies 11 September 2007

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HeavyBee Tue 11-Sep-07 09:56:15

I confess gloomily to having put on another pound. How about the rest of you?

Furball Tue 11-Sep-07 10:03:12

Thank you HeavyBee - I've not been bothered about eating healthily and it's only guilt that you lot are determined that has kept me going. So Thank you

I daren't weigh myself, but for the umpteenth time I really need to do something. I don't want to be like this and I'm the only one to do something to help me so whats going on?

Anyway, I've stepped up the exercise and have been out for a 4 mile cycle this morning and hopefully can keep that up. It was really pleasant, noone around, sun trying to pop out - but will it be the same tomrrow? Hopefully.

Will send you all the chart this week so we can all see whats going on.


HeavyBee Tue 11-Sep-07 11:11:43

Furball, how nice to hear such a determined message! I really needed to see it to encourage me, so thank you and good luck and enjoy the bike rides! I'm not too bad about eating really but I'm such a puddingy shape. I have exercises to do for my back and since Friday I have managed to do them every morning and evening; I do already feel better. I know that the combination of eating less and exercising more really does work; my problem is I just want to eat more in the winter. If we get into a good routine NOW we should be able to get over the horrid November hump because we'll already be in good habits, what do you think?

Furball Tue 11-Sep-07 11:28:12

oh bugger - I was supposed to be doing that newfangled stomach exercise posted last week twice a day and I've completely forgotten. Thanks for the reminder

HeavyBee Tue 11-Sep-07 12:21:21

Stomach exercise? Missed that one, probably need it. Well, definitely need it. Please, Furball, where do I find it? The nice flat tummy of my 30s never recovered from 1) meeting DH & therefore being happier and eating more, and 2) having dds at 39 and 40. I regret none of them, you understand, but I hate being waistless.

Furball Tue 11-Sep-07 12:33:26

sorry HB - can't find the thread now.

Apparently if you lie down in a shallow v shape with your upper body supported by your arms bent at the elbow. Chin on chest. and your legs up at the same angle as your body, to form the v shape then do 10 circles with your legs one way then 10 the other. twice aday for 14 days and apparently you can see the difference! doesn't take a minute to do.

HeavyBee Tue 11-Sep-07 13:12:56

Thank you, Furball! Looks like the sort of thing even I could add to my exercises. I'm working on the exercise principle that we should feel good about what we manage to do, not bad about what we don't do. Also I had "minus cake" for pudding at lunchtime (ie I had a banana instead of chocolate cake in the canteen)!

Well that's you & me out of the woodwork, where's everyone else? Smalline, WelshGirlie, anyone else emerging breathless from the madness of the first week of school?

tortoise Tue 11-Sep-07 21:21:20

I will try to remember to weigh in the morning! don't think i am doing great food wise at the moment.sad
My only exercise at the moment is walking DC to school and pre-school. I think i am doing about 6-8 miles a Day! DD1 has started school half days. Its about a mile walk each way.Plus i have ds1 and ds2 to take/pick up too. Also dd2 has started 2 morings a week at pre-school which is in the opposite direction to school. grin

I want to get a bike for me and a seat on the back for dd2. It will mean i can get home quicker ad exercise too! grin

Smalline Tue 11-Sep-07 23:41:09

Hi everyone, haven't weighed myself as yet, will try and remember to do it tomorrow.

6-8 miles of walking a day sounds a lot tortoise, give it a couple of weeks and I think you will notice the difference.

I am so annoyed with myself at the moment for putting all the weight I had lost back on, plus an extra pound. It took me about 9 long months to lose the 10lbs, but only about 3 to put it back on. I am so disappointedsad. Now that I have put it back on, it makes me realise and appreciate how much I had lost (if you know what I mean). Lots of my clothes are no longer fitting.

The frustrating thing is, that most if not all of the weight gain is not down to eating, but down to my change of lifestyle. I am not working at the moment and I have no immediate plans to for a while, so I am no longer rushing around running the kids to the childminder/school then running to the station to catch my train, or fitting in step/weight training/toning classes during my lunchbreaks.

On a brighter notesmile thanks for listening to my whinging, (but I felt I had to get that off my chest)blush, my dd starts school full time next week so I am hoping to have more time to fit in some exercise classes.

Oh by the way Heavybee I didn't realise that you could freeze birthday cake until I read your post last week. Anyway the kids brought home huge chunks of birthday cake from a party at the weekend, so I cut them into little slices, and put them in the freezer.

Thanks everyone for keeping this thread going.

HeavyBee Wed 12-Sep-07 13:51:09

Tortoise I'm so impressed by the amount of walking you're doing, that's fantastic! I used to take dds to nursery by bike (one on the front and one on the back) and we used to enjoy the ride together. It was a great way of getting around without anyone getting too tired, except me when they weighed 35 kilos between them and I had to stop. Much quicker than waiting for the bus and no pushchairs to bother about, but not for the faint-hearted on today's roads.

HeavyBee Wed 12-Sep-07 14:04:08

Smalline I confess to getting the cake back out of the freezer, but DH & DD1 & I shared only a slice between us! It did freeze successfully. Despite this I am trying to eat less. If I'm at home I find I have to get out of the kitchen so as not to pick at food, and clean my teeth frequently so that everything will taste nasty....

Don't be discouraged about the weight, you do know this time round that you can can lose it, because you've done it once. You might try the stomach exercise Furball found for us - it's easy enough to do but probably nasty enough to be effective, thank you Furball!

Furball Thu 13-Sep-07 09:25:26

I've just sent an email to all asking you if you all want to be in on the chart sending, so reply to it if you do.

Furball Thu 13-Sep-07 19:40:02

Just Myself, Smalline, Jambuttie and Heavybee then.


a nice little group actually, remember (says she wiping bits of chocolate cornflake cake from around her chops) think thin

tortoise Fri 14-Sep-07 19:18:59

I'm in,I'm in! Jut replied to the email. Not online everyday at the moment because i'm on dial up!
I was exactly this week. Hope for better next week after all the walking i am doing. i am so tired though. And my legs ache. At least 2 more weeks of half days at school for DD1 so loads more walking still to come.grin

Furball Tue 18-Sep-07 09:19:08

new thread Here

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