Working from home and not gaining weight

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twinkledag Fri 20-Mar-20 13:55:47

How the bloody hell is this possible?! I've been WFH for the past 3 days and I've eaten the contents of the fridge! And I'm supposed to be on a diet!! Help!

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Colourpanda Fri 20-Mar-20 16:19:37

The supermarkets are bare so that might help?? To be honest I have the same concern!

juneybean Fri 20-Mar-20 16:24:30

I'm "walking to work" whilst I'm wfh. I get up at the normal time and go for a brisk 30 minute walk before work. Then on my 15 min breaks I walk around the block.

tiredanddangerous Fri 20-Mar-20 16:37:43

I’m worried about this too. I think I’ll be a couple of stone heavier by September at this rate! I keep accidentally falling into a large glass of wine of an evening as well hmm

My dc will be at home with me from Monday so I’ll definitely be building some exercise in for us all (joe wicks is doing daily pe lessons at 9am on YouTube) and we’ll be going out for a walk every day.

SybilWrites Fri 20-Mar-20 16:40:01

I'm running every day and hoping to do a yoga session every day too.

I need this to combat the chocolate-toast-redwine diet plan I seem to be on at the moment.

I'm also buying lots of loungewear from Hush. elasticated trousers are the way to go I think.

P1nkHeartLovesCake Fri 20-Mar-20 16:43:57

Unless you are one of the greedy fuckers who stripped the shelves and have a fuck ton of food, you really do need to be careful with food as you don’t know what supplies your be able to get or when..... Thinking about that should help surely?

Make a meal plan as in write down your meals and 1 planned snack for the day and stick it on the fridge?? With a reminder that this food has to last

managedmis Fri 20-Mar-20 16:46:12

Was gonna start a thread on this very subject!

I've been stuffing my face. Activities with the kids? Baking! And then more baking!

Went to the supermarket and DH asked me to get a dessert, ice cream and crisps, because, you know, we're hibernating confused

I despair


managedmis Fri 20-Mar-20 16:47:05

I keep accidentally falling into a large glass of wine of an evening as well hmm


Yip, wine o'clock has been moved forward to 3pm in this house.

Redcrayons Fri 20-Mar-20 16:49:15

I’m hoping to combat it with running every other day and some home exercises. I meal plan anyway, but I’m going to try and be stricter with the snacking, which is my big downfall.
The DCs are at home all the time, so I’ve got loads of snacky stuff I wouldn’t normally have to tempt me.
I was full time WFH a few years ago and put on 3 stone. I’m hoping to not do that.

twinkledag Fri 20-Mar-20 19:07:01

@juneybean that's a great idea! Definitely going to do that!

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twinkledag Fri 20-Mar-20 19:07:40

@tiredanddangerous I've been drinking most days too 😬

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twinkledag Fri 20-Mar-20 19:08:36

@P1nkHeartLovesCake great idea to do a meal plan, def doing that!

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twinkledag Fri 20-Mar-20 19:09:14

@Redcrayons 3 stone! 😱 That will be me!

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Changednamealready Sat 21-Mar-20 07:43:13

This is timely. We’ve been in quarantine for two weeks anyway as all been ill. So stress and wfh I have eaten so much. It’s been a nightmare not going out and I have never realised how much more I eat than when I go to work every day. My husband is fine and keeps buying bread, snacks but me, nope I’m like an eating machine.

Meal planning could work and maybe taking my office out of the kitchen!

delilahbucket Sat 21-Mar-20 19:05:12

I work from home always. I used to find it hard when I worked in the lounge, next door to the kitchen. Now I'm two floors up, it is much more effort to get food. I have a high protein lunch so I don't get hunger pangs in an afternoon, and if I do feel peckish, I make a warm drink.

twinkledag Sat 21-Mar-20 19:33:11

Some great tips - thanks! High protein lunch sounds like good advice.

I've been much better today. 3 meals and only a bag of crisps as a snack 👍

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Changednamealready Sun 22-Mar-20 10:12:20

Fab tips, thanks also.

I didn’t realise how hard it would be. At work we have cakes etc in the work kitchen which can be a challenge but at home I had become super slacker.

Will try 16:8 tomorrow too as this used to work for me.

Good luck all

TrudysTerribleFringe Sun 22-Mar-20 10:16:03

So far I am weighing myself every morning as a reminder of what I am trying to achieve.

Evening workout from YouTube.

We managed to get lots of fresh fruit delivered but also lots of biscuits!

twinkledag Sun 22-Mar-20 16:45:51

We've made cakes today!

Have made a home school plan for tomorrow onwards which includes exercise!

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CaptainPovey Sun 22-Mar-20 20:06:24

I do marching on the spot. Two minutes cleaning my teeth (clock with second hand), keep going, then dry my hair (long) still marching.

Clear kitchen - still marching and when the kettle is boiling still marching.

Just think, don't stand still

AgeLikeWine Sun 22-Mar-20 20:09:48

It’s a nightmare.

I have to be really, really disciplined. Cereal, fruit & tea for breakfast and then nothing except apples, tea or water until at least 4pm. I go for a lunchtime walk whenever I get chance, which is most days, fortunately.

Changednamealready Sun 22-Mar-20 20:14:39

I’m so glad I’m not alone. Getting ready to march! It’s hard when also feeding for the (permanently) hungry too. We’re on lockdown so no doing outside. It’s food, sleep and work. First one far too much of. I think I would be better off forgetting about lunch too.

I’m going to try fasting until lunch tomorrow. Wish me luck. The only other time I have felt this our fo control with food is Christmas Day and when I first had babies and had had no sleep and routine was shot.

Never all been in the house for an extended period of time before. + I have a cough.... argh!

ErrandServices Sun 22-Mar-20 20:34:54

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Swearwolf Sun 22-Mar-20 20:59:21

I'm also in isolation so no going outside, and feel like I might be a stone heavier by the end! It helps that I'm worried about running out of food so I'm rationing it all out. Feel crappy as I'm pretty sure I have the virus so no wine. As soon as I'm better I know I'm going to struggle, will have to start running as much as possible.

Changednamealready Sun 22-Mar-20 21:29:51

Swear wolf sending hugs. Same boat by the sounds of it.i did read nigella Lawson ate 250g chocolate c whilst isolating, that’s pretty good going.
If I’m not too ill I’m def going to avoid eating until lunch at least that means a morning of no snacking

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