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Exercise videos - recommendations wanted

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NorwichMummy Sat 08-Sep-07 23:04:41

Hi there,

I really need to do more exrcise as I have still got about 3 stone to shift from having ds (he's now 17 months). Problem I've got is dh works away so I can't get out to the gym, swimming, etc... in the evenings as none of our family live close so don't have the option of regular babysitting. I thought an exercise video may be a good way to go but wasn't sure where to start. Can anyone recomend one that they have tried and thought was good please?

Thanks ever so much

startouchedtrinity Sat 08-Sep-07 23:07:01

I like Joanna Hall's, easy to follow and not too intimidating. For variety I also like Leah Bracknell's Yoga and You (very relaxing).

AramintaVanHamstring Sat 08-Sep-07 23:10:52

There are tons for free on are home-made and very funny and some are professional. Lots and lots of variety to try before you buy.

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