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Mumsnetters with low BMIs- want your thoughts!

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Starchymarch Sun 15-Mar-20 16:34:53

So I have a BMI of 19 and am roughly average height. But still got this big wobbly tummy and thick legs.

Just wondered if other mumsnetters with a lower BMI feel the same? I think people assume that once you are ‘X’ BMI/ size, body image and finding clothes is easy, but I just don’t find it the case confused !

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OneHanded Sun 15-Mar-20 16:57:12

Yes but my experience with anorexia is that no matter how low you go something is always wobbly/too wide etc because that is bodies. My pelvis is wide and my torso really (really) short so I’m very round there, and that’s okay. We’re all so different and truly that’s great, try and shop by what you feel comfortable in and fits rather than the latest trends or a size! I live in tights and play suits/dungaree dresses because I’m petite and it’s how I’m most comfortable!

Starchymarch Sun 15-Mar-20 17:08:48

Do you think I’ll always want to be smaller/better no matter how ‘small’ I got? Just trying to work our whether losing another 6 pounds would help or the cycle would just continue...

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Starchymarch Sun 15-Mar-20 17:09:03

Sorry @OneHanded !

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OneHanded Sun 15-Mar-20 17:19:20

Honestly I think it’s just self perpetuating - weight loss is addictive and as humans we are pre designed to always be striving for ‘improvement’. Losing six pounds is going to push your body further into a depleted state - ie not running at its optimal. I’m a hypocrite and I’ll raise my palms clearly to that, but running like this isn’t living.

Starchymarch Sun 15-Mar-20 17:24:18

Think you’re right- just got back from a run, looked in mirror after shower and thought how can my stomach look so awful in these jeans- I’m a mess. But logically I know I can’t be that big at BMI 19.

Must stop this punishing quest for perfection!

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Seventyone72seventy3 Sun 15-Mar-20 17:25:58

I think you are being hard on yourself. My BMI isn't as low as yours (22 atm) but I have big thighs! I always wear through jeans on the thighs - it's jus the way I am. If it bothers you you should work on toning NOT on losing weight.

OneHanded Sun 15-Mar-20 17:35:20

I think you’re certainly never going to feel enough and I’m sorry about that, but it can change I promise. It’s mindset.
Mindfulness really helps me, just breathing into the part I dislike and breathing out the self loathing. You’re fabulous, take it, own it, run with it.

Oldestchild90s Sun 15-Mar-20 17:39:38

My BMI used to be as low as that (before i got pregnant) and i always had big legs, but that didn't bother me too much. I had to learn to accept that no matter how hard i tried the weight would always come off somewhere else instead, mostly my boobs. I was never 100% happy with how i looked and was on a gym transformation journey but now i'm pregnant i've just had to let my diet and vanity go for a year or so. I think we all need to learn how great our bodies are however we look 🥰 even though that's easier said than done!

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