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Slimming World Syn Confusion

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peachespaige Sat 08-Sep-07 11:53:40

Hello, I hope you can help. When I try to work out the syn value in certain products using the Syn Calculator I keep getting a different result than Syns Online?
I type in the required fields correctly and have tried doing it by ticking the free food bit and also by not ticking it and still when I look it up on Syns Online its different. usually the Syns Online have the product as containg more Syns? Has this confused anyone else???

Christie Sat 08-Sep-07 12:05:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peachespaige Sat 08-Sep-07 13:39:18

Yes Im putting in all the weights correctly. Its really weird?

fireflyfairy2 Sat 08-Sep-07 13:46:57

Do you want to tell me what you're trying to find the syns for & I can have a look in my food directory?

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