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Nutribullet for weight loss?

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paininthepoinsettia Fri 13-Mar-20 09:57:04

Just purchased one, mostly for health reasons as I had a cancer scare recently that shook me as my diet is rubbish. I also need to lose about 3 stone. Historically my will power has been terrible, hoping to do some filling smoothies and use as meal replacements. Just wondering if anyone has had success this way?

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delilahbucket Fri 13-Mar-20 20:07:50

It will still be a case of calories in vs calories expended. If anything, liquidating everything is worse as your body doesn't have to do as much to digest it.

fishonabicycle Fri 13-Mar-20 20:11:30

To be honest, I use mine for a protein shake after gym or occasionally a meal replacement (with oats, peanut butter etc). But I generally find that I don't find liquid calories very filling. Like they said - it's still calories in vs calories out.

Beautiful3 Mon 16-Mar-20 20:13:45

I bought one last summer. I found that I didn't lose weight because of the sugar in all the fruit. Also it made me hungry, whereas I would be full after eating a banana in its solid form. I stopped and went on a calorie controlled diet, this was when I started losing weight.

SoleBizzz Mon 16-Mar-20 20:31:21

Try the Cambridge diet? Like all diet plans people almost always put the weight back. Even the mention upsets people so. Prepare for the negatrons and ignorance

paininthepoinsettia Tue 17-Mar-20 06:43:15

@Beautiful3 I read about that so trying to use mostly veg with a few bits of frozen fruit to sweeten it up. For the breakfast one I add some oats and natural yoghurt, the lunch one is carrot, celery and orange. To both I add 2 tsp of chia seeds and 1tsp of spirulina. Normal evening meal.

@SoleBizzz I am the world's worst dieter, tried and failed them all. I am looking at this more as healthy eating habits, and if I lose weight that's a bonus.

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Beautiful3 Tue 17-Mar-20 08:08:48

Sounds nice. I love celery.

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