In need of a grip.

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SkaLaLand Wed 11-Mar-20 20:28:12

I want to join the leisure centre and swim three times a week minimum. Perhaps use the gym eventually also.

This is for health and to encourage weight loss. I am 6 stone overweight so very much need and want to take action.

I am very much feeling daunted by actually going to join though.

Get me a grip please!

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caulkheaded Wed 11-Mar-20 20:30:28

Do you have to go in or can you join online (then book an induction if needed)

Kubo Wed 11-Mar-20 20:31:04

Have you been before? Could you go to have a look round first? Get someone to show you the changing rooms etc., without the pressure of joining there and then?

thefourgp Wed 11-Mar-20 20:33:35

Focus on regular consistent daily steps to gaining your goal. Plan meals a few days ahead of time. I’ve changed to four small meals a day instead of three and I’m losing weight because I’m not getting overly hungry and then overeating. Maybe go with a friend to the gym at first for company and encouragement. Good luck. X

SkaLaLand Wed 11-Mar-20 20:34:35

I go weekly for DC swimming lessons blush which is another reason I feel so stupid about it.

If I'm honest I feel like they will judge me for being so fat and think I will just fail. I don't know why I care about that.

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berrylands Thu 12-Mar-20 02:46:01

Do it.
When you are in the water nobody can see you and you feel weightless. You forget about being fat.
Nobody is going to judge. You'll find everyone is there to enjoy swimming. And if someone judges they are the ones in the wrong place.
A bit of advice, think of one small step towards the water at a time. Like preparing the bag, then think of getting to the pool, then getting changed... I know it feels scary at the beginning but if you make a habit of it you'll be hooked.
My experience at least smile

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