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Anyone had liver/spleen problems on Keto diet?

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makingmiracles Wed 11-Mar-20 14:14:37

So I started Keto end of January and this past week have had tummy pain, my dr took bloods and sent for ultrasound which I had today.

All I know so far from sonographer is I have a fatty liver and an enlarged spleen, totally expecting dr to ring at some point in the next day or two to say I have NAFLD.

Everything I read online is contradictory about wether Keto causes or heals nafld.

Really concerned the dr will say come off Keto, it’s literally the only diet I’ve found to work and I’ve lost just under 2st since beginning of January on it/with fasting, will be devastated if that’s what she advises, I have another 7st to lose.

Anyone with any similar stories?

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