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Has anyone had this issue when overweight?

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Catminder901 Sun 08-Mar-20 21:35:43

I'm very overweight (47.5 BMI) and currently have a lot of problems with stress/urge incontinence. I've been told this is because of being overweight and particularly because I carry a lot of weight round my middle. I'm starting my weight loss journey seriously as of this week and I was just wondering... has anyone had this problem while overweight and did it improve after weight loss?

It is really getting me down... having to wear a pad, not being able to get to the loo in time... and it would be a big incentive for me to think it might get better!

I'm 33, 2 kids.

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agteacht Sun 08-Mar-20 22:44:47

Hey there
I can't help specifically but for what it's worth I had similar-ish issues during pregnancy and once I had the baby and lost weight it stopped. Suggesting maybe with some weight loss it can be eased! Hope of help x

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