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Avoid regaining weight

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Swebby Thu 27-Feb-20 23:38:52

(Lurker forever, first post.) About 8 years ago I got down to a healthy weight, having been overweight for most of my adult life prior to that. Since then I have gone up and down within a 10kg range, and I am currently at a healthy weight again (yay!). My question: I can feel my motivation drifting, boredom setting in, "why should I deny myself" thoughts creeping in - does anyone have experience to share with staying at a goal weight and breaking the cycle? I really don't want to be a yo-yo dieter for the rest of my life!

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Unsureconfused46 Thu 27-Feb-20 23:51:19

I'm in a similar situation. Allow myself small treats. Keep a photo of yourself on the fridge in which you look at your slimmest and this will help motivate you not to go overboard on the snacks. I'm still visiting my slimming world group which keeps me focused.

Swebby Fri 28-Feb-20 06:14:31

Thanks! The photo idea may be worth a try for me too...

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delilahbucket Fri 28-Feb-20 19:50:52

I just weigh myself every week. If my weight creeps up I know I need to rein it in. I managed hovering around the same weight for several years and only started to put on in September last year when I stopped walking to school and back twice a day and then Christmas happened. I was so busy I didn't have time to really look at what I was eating and I drank a lot of wine! I gained 10lbs between September and January so I was really over consuming. I've lost it now and while I'm in the right frame of mind I'm concentrating on getting rid of the final half stone I never lost all those years ago!

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