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Help with Menopause Weight Gain .. feeling so unhappy !

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Flossiefoo Thu 27-Feb-20 23:08:24

Thank you everyone :-)

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Blondie1984 Thu 27-Feb-20 02:37:10

You don't need to cut anything out - doing so just makes you crave it more and then inevitably you give in, eating masses of it and feel even worse.
Instead, try to focus on carbs like fruit and veg as well as wholegrains carbs (rather than highly refined white ones), lean protein and healthier fats (olive oil, seeds, nuts, oily fish, avocadoes etc) - learn about what portions should be
Also, consider starting resistance (aka weight) training - muscle uses up more calories than fat does, it will make you feel great, help your shape and protect your bones

Coyoacan Thu 27-Feb-20 01:55:58

An old aunt of mine said always stop eating before you feel full. I applied that when like you I started to gain weight with menopause and a year later found that I could only eat half of what I would have eaten the year before.

Also, I don't know if it helps to lose weight, but walking is great exercise and not at all strenuous.

Nandocushion Thu 27-Feb-20 01:41:16

Give up sugar and 16/8 fast.

Flossiefoo Thu 27-Feb-20 01:25:43

Thank you !
I’ll give it a go as I do suspect sugar is my Achilles heel sad
I’ve actually just got results from DNAFit & my genes apparently scream ‘low carb’

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ByeByeMissAmericanPie Wed 26-Feb-20 04:29:24

I’m in a similar boat.

I was thinking of giving up sugar for Lent!

fromagefreak Wed 26-Feb-20 04:14:47

Give up sugar - it's life changing. People often mistake hunger for sugar addiction. Once you've given it up you don't feel hungry all the time and your appetite stabilises. Loads of keto and low carb advice on here and sugar is the worst carb of them all. Good luck.

Flossiefoo Wed 26-Feb-20 00:14:55

Any tips/ suggestions on the best way to combat this ? I am 57 and can't do really strenuous exercise and hate 'diets' ..
So, best eating plan to help. I am in year 6 and have put on weight each year, so blooming miserable

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