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2littleguineas Thu 04-Jun-20 22:44:08

Just a little update. I went off plan completly when lock down started. I was off work and decided to tackle some DIY. This combined with a new way of grocery shopping sent me off kilter.

But I'm back on track, with a bang actually.
I've upped my steps from 5K to 15. That was hard at first, I've been very sore all over for almost three weeks but that's passed now and I'm full of energy.

I've higher calories now because of the steps and that's hard to get my head around but I've taken more accountability for my food and it's been eye opening.
I'm sticking to my macros and the 80/20 rule properly now. Ritchie is right when he says everything must be weighted, even individual portions, I keep finding big discrepancies in what portions should weigh compared to what they do.
Sticking to the macros means you eat mainly nutritious food with a little room for junk. It's this balance that works, it keep you satiated, allows your favourite foods and stops break outs.

I've read on other threads about people feeling they were shot down, I don't believe that's true for people who put in a genuine effort or don't expect instant results.

All the people I see who are big losers did it over a fair bit of time, followed the plan, accepted the fluctuations and that sometimes it would be harder than others.
They were determined and open to learning.

I'm overweight because I eat too much junk. I've had success with diets too many times to count. Every single diet I followed previously was extremely restrictive and I learned nothing.
Team RH does have restrictions, I can't eat the shite I want to all the time and lose weight but I can eat lots of lovely nutritious normal food and some shite.
I really enjoy the encouragement to get active and all the help to do so.
It'll take me sometime but I've no doubt I'll get there and stay there and that there will always be more for me to learn from the team.

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clare8allthepies Sun 15-Mar-20 21:56:20

I’m starting tomorrow, glad to hear it’s going well for you.

2littleguineas Mon 09-Mar-20 16:22:35

Happy to report I'm down a further 1.5 pounds. I'm starting to hit my set macros more regularly and find knowing what I need to eat to do so is getting easier.

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2littleguineas Sun 01-Mar-20 10:31:01

Thanks Watermelon.
Yes I think it's something I can stick to forever if I'm been honest. I've tried so many various plans and had some success but ultimately I've ended up gaining it back and sometimes more. The reason I feel for me this is different and sustainable is I'm eating food I like and as yet have not experienced any feelings of been deprived or having to compromise very much.
I'm a snacker, my meals weren't really the problem, portion wise they're fine and usually fairly nutritious. But because I snack I often didn't eat proper meals and grazed a lot. That's all stopped, I'm eating 3/4 meals which fit into my macros and because I'm hitting the macros I feel fuller for longer and don't have the previous cravings I always had.
I'm back to been a lot more active, not just walking more but giving everything I do a lot more oomphgrin
I know this sounds like overkill but what I'm most pleased with is how confident I am that this will work for me. It's like a huge burden has been lifted and I'm feeling the mental burden of been so over weigh has lifted.
I know as I lose weight and my calories decrease and my deficit becomes smaller that it will probably became a little harder but I'm hoping been lighter will mean I can increase my activity to combat this a bit.
Tiredanddangerous, I know a year is a long commitment financially but it's approx £6/£7 a month, (I pay €8.99) so a lot cheaper than slimming clubs.

Placina yes eating out will make it harder, can you bring your own lunch, would you consider buying a portable scale? I know it can seem like it requires a fair amount of planning and prep and at first it probably does but as you get to know the foods you'll be eating it's much less time consuming. I'd say foods entering into myfitnesspal pal, syncing the apps and entering RH data takes me 5/10 mins and weighing my foods, finding nutrition info takes a max of 5 mins per meal and that's only if it's new items/recipes.

For anyone interested but unsure about commiting or maybe not been able to do so financially there's lots of info and inspiration on their open Facebook page.

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Plancina Sat 29-Feb-20 08:53:46

I’m a member but haven’t actually done any of it yet, I find weighing food etc a real hassle. I am a teacher and eat in a school canteen 5 days a week for lunch, can’t exactly bust out the scales there. I try to do the steps, water and have joined the gym, but can’t quite make myself take the final plunge. I do really need to do something tho as my clothes are getting uncomfortable and some are now too small.

tiredanddangerous Sat 29-Feb-20 08:51:16

I keep dithering with joining this. I have a habit of joining things and then not sticking to it (slimming world, the gym etc etc) so having to commit to paying monthly for a year worries me. Plus DH gives me a hmm face blush

Waterlemon Sat 29-Feb-20 08:44:39

Well done!

I follow RH Fitness on FB, but not yet joined. It just looks like yet another diet to me.

Is it really something that you could stick to for life rather than a short term thing?


2littleguineas Fri 28-Feb-20 09:27:21

Morning, looks like I'm alone here but I'll keep plodding along, it helps to get my thoughts out.
I haven't finished a full 3 weeks yet but I'm down 8 pounds, just another 70 to go!
I'm away for a night over the weekend and I'm determined to stay within my calorie allowance, at 2500 this should be doable, also determined to get my 10K steps in.
Happy to say I've more energy already, I think it's because I'm more active rather than the weight loss. Hopefully March will bring some the spring and I'll get outside for walks more as right now I'm mainly depending on my treadmill.

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2littleguineas Tue 25-Feb-20 21:42:09

Hi all,
So here I am a lifelong yoyo dieter learning to change my ways with the help of Team RH.
This is my 3rd week and already I've found it a huge game changer. My calories in excess of 2000 a day and so far I'm losing weight at a steady pace.
Obviously after years of thinking diets have to mean torture it's hard for me to trust this very different process but I've committed myself to spending 2020 following this plan.
I'm going to use here as a kind of diary to keep myself motivated and if anyone else would care to join in feel free. Also would love to hear of anyone's success stories too.

I have a friends referral code which gives a small discount on the monthly sub if anyone would like to use it, it's DEEDOES

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