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I have 15 stone to lose. Need inspiration from 5ft 8 women!

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ThisIsMyStory1 Sun 23-Feb-20 13:38:52

I started losing weight about 3 weeks ago and I'm feeling good, I've found a method that works for me and I really want to keep at it!

I've been overweight most of my life but always relatively fit until I got to my 20's and had kids. Enough is enough, I want to do so many things and go back to horse riding and enjoying my life!

So if you're 5ft 8, what's your dress size? I've got quite small boobs for my frame, maybe a DD cup and I would probably like a breast lift after I've lost weight.

I'm looking for inspiration to see what I'm going to look like! I've never really been the 'right' weight for my age since my teens, so I've got no idea of what a healthy weight is going to look like or what clothes size I can expect to be!

Also any light exercise tips would be appreciated grin

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managedmis Sun 23-Feb-20 13:40:40

Sorry : 15 stones?

Youngatheart00 Sun 23-Feb-20 13:41:04

You have a lot to lose (as you’ve acknowledged) so I think it’s super important for you to have lots of mini goals along the way. As an ultimate goal you could likely be fit and healthy at 11.5 - 12.5 stone at your height and a size 14.

Do you swim? Walking and hand weights also a good start.

I wish you every success!!!

Apolloanddaphne Sun 23-Feb-20 13:44:13

What weight would losing 15 stones bring you to? 5'8" is fairly tall so I think getting somewhere around 11-12 stones would be good then you can reassess. However I agree with a PP that you need to set small achievable goals along the way. Good luck!

Babyg1995 Sun 23-Feb-20 13:47:59

I'm 5.8 currently 34 weeks pregnant and in the overweight range but pre pregnancy I'm usually between 10 to 10 1/2 stone and a size 12 .

FabulouslyElegantTits Sun 23-Feb-20 13:48:11


Why the ???

ThisIsMyStory1 Sun 23-Feb-20 13:49:17

Not 15 stone 🤦🏻‍♀️ damn it! Still got a lot to lose though, I'm currently 23 stone and want to go down to 11 so it's 12 stone to lose!

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FabulouslyElegantTits Sun 23-Feb-20 13:50:22

Hi OP, Good luck with the weight loss 👍🏻 I'm 5'8, 15st 7ib and a size 16-18 of that helps

Eloisedublin123 Sun 23-Feb-20 13:51:40

Op I’m 5’8’. I’m 13 and a half stone and size 16. When I was 12 and a half stone I was a loose 14

sorryiasked Sun 23-Feb-20 14:02:42

Good luck OP. I'm 12 stone and a size 14-16. I lost two stone last year and was a size 18

strawberrygrape Sun 23-Feb-20 14:14:37

Hi op I am also 5'8" .
I have just recently lost 2 stone going down from 12 stone to 10 stone. At 12 stone I was a size 12/14 and at 10 stone I am a size 12.

I am still trying to lose more weight. In the past I have found that when I am around 9 stone I am a comfortable size 10. I don't really find it possible to get to a size 8 long term. I have done it before but I find that this is around the 8 stone 5 mark which is underweight for my height.

namechange1041 Sun 23-Feb-20 14:20:24

Hi OP, good luck with your weight loss journey smile

Some good exercises to try are:
Star jumps or squat into star jumps
Run up the stairs (every time you go up)
Bench squats, you can easily use a chair for this

Also if you can, buy some resistance bands, you can get material and latex ones and they're both brill for exercising, really easy to use and lots of different ways to use them, just look on Google for some tips.

Spodge Sun 23-Feb-20 14:55:14

I'm 5'10" so not a million miles away from where you are and I have lost 5 1/2 stone. Now 12 stone which is a healthy weight for my height, but I am still carrying a bit too much body fat.

I can reliably fit into a size 16 in most places, though I carry weight on my hips/bum so it can be a squeeze sometimes.

I'm currently aiming to get to 11 stone and see what I look like then.

My biggest piece of advice to you and anyone with a significant amount of weight to lose is to take it slowly, make sure you turn it into a lifestyle change and moisturise like hell! A big weight loss risks loose skin (my bingo wings could give someone a nasty slap in the face) but a fast weight loss can exacerbate the situation.

Good luck.

bellsbuss Sun 23-Feb-20 14:57:28

I'm 5 ft 8 and weigh 10 stone 2 and I'm size 8-10. Good luck OP.

bellsbuss Sun 23-Feb-20 14:57:50

And well done for starting.

annie987 Sun 23-Feb-20 16:43:40

I’m 5’ 8 and currently 15 stone 5 and a tight 18.
When I’m 14 stone, I’m 16 on the bottom and 18 on the top.
Hoping to make it to 12 stone this time before yoyoing back up again!
Good luck

senttomefromheaven Sun 23-Feb-20 16:48:56

I'm 5'8 and weigh 11. 4ish and wear size 14 due my big bust. Happy to be in the healthy weight area for BMI.

FedUpOfAdulting Sun 23-Feb-20 17:06:20

Hi OP, you can do it! My DH lost 10 stone in just over a year. He's always been big and it took a long time for his head to be in the right place for him to think 'enough is enough'.

He did it by avoiding the (constant!) biscuits and cake people take to the office almost daily - this was his biggest restraint as didn't allow himself to have "just one" occasionally. He stopped having carb or sugar snacks - he used to have a sandwich as a snack.. it took some adjusting to that a) sandwiches are calorie heavy and b) sandwiches are meals to most people not snacks!

Which brings me on to portions.. it's true about having to adjust what's on your plate.. if you feel your not full you need to double the amount of veg on your plate.

He still will have birthday cake etc on special occasions. He drinks bottles of lager or shorts instead of pints now when he goes to the pub. Basically makes the healthy choice when going out to eat, once a month he'll eat a meal of whatever he fancies - roast dinner with all the trimmings or massive burger and chips for example.. but he says now he's seen the weight come off he doesn't crave these like he did at the beginning.

He goes to the gym for just over an hour 3 times a week where he walks/jogs on treadmill, does rowing machine and the sit down bike for 20 minutes each.

I love him whatever his size (I actually prefer him a bit bigger to cuddle!) but seeing his confidence grow in himself is lovely to watch. He's not shy, typical "big bloke life and soul of the party' which was all a bluff to hide his insecurities. Now he's happy in his own skin and had so much more energy.

Mooey89 Sun 23-Feb-20 17:18:15

F as I need to lose around 6 stone.
What are you doing at the moment?

Scooby30 Sun 23-Feb-20 17:33:59

Have you tried low impact indoor walking there are loads of videos on you tube to use from 5 mins to 30 mins, Leslie Sansone is who I use and Lucy wyndham read workouts.

Zebracat Sun 23-Feb-20 17:53:48

Hi there
I am 5ft 7 and just under 16 stones. I am a loose size 18. At 13 stone, I am a size 12. I don’t really understand why that is so different to everyone else. I have been losing weight for a month and 12 pounds has made a big difference. I was a size 20 at the beginning.
Good luck

Doggyperson Sun 23-Feb-20 18:19:44

I'm 5'8 11 st 7 lb and a size 12. I did weigh 18 stone many years ago so understand how difficult it can be. You sound very determined which is half the battle.

As for exercise, start off walking and maybe swimming. I now run a lot which is great. Good luck!

TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:25:24

I'm 5 ft 8 and 16 and a half stone size 22, I carry most of my weight around my middle, have a delightful B shaped belly. Currently low carb to try to lose weight with my first big goal to get into the overweight BMI zone rather than the obese one.

I do find that my body cannot tolerate carbs at all, I just cannot lose any weight if I eat them, so lots of protein and veg rather than fruit.

ThisIsMyStory1 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:36:35

Thanks everyone, this is really encouraging! I think it's helpful to hear from real people because even though I'm currently a size 26, I've got it in my head that I'll lose all this weight and be a size 12 which just isn't the case!

I've never particularly been interested in food, I'm not a 'foodie' or someone who'll sit and eat biscuits and crisps. I do have a sweet tooth and I'm rubbish at portion control. I'm currently doing OMAD which is just perfect for me because it's taken that stress away of thinking of what to eat 3/4 times a day as I don't really enjoy eating (if that makes sense?)

The last 3 weeks I've been eating a really balanced meal in the evening, getting 5 portions of veg in. Then having some kind of treat like a yogurt or snack bar. I'm eating about 800-900 calories a day and I feel bloody amazing. I'm taking all my extra vitamins and drinking plenty of water. Once I lose more I'll start a 16:8 fasting and see if I feel as good on that smile

I'm also buying a small trampoline for the house so I can do some work there! I've got two severely disabled children so I can't really get out the house without the car or even by myself as it's takes both DH and I to care for them

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doadeer Mon 24-Feb-20 14:41:19

Sounds like your doing great!!!

I'm 5ft 8 and 12st 8 size 14. After my baby I weighed 14st 6. But pre baby I was 11st and a size 10.

I've never been light. Even when I was very fit with daily workouts I was 11st. Boobs at that size were a 34D.

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