6 weeks to lose 1st - which diet?

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Juliecloud Thu 20-Feb-20 09:51:22

Title says it all really! I’m going on a beach holiday in about 6 weeks and want to lose at least a stone before I go. What diet should I do?

I’ve done weight watchers, slimming world and Cambridge in the past. All have worked fine when I stick to them but I have trouble sticking to them 😬

Weight watchers has been updated since I did it last, I’m not sure how it has changed since I last did it (5+ years ago).


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JenNtonic Thu 20-Feb-20 10:13:32

A good old low carb, plenty of water 😁😁 Where are you going on holiday ? X.

Blackbirdblue30 Thu 20-Feb-20 10:15:03

I have a stone to lose and am trying alternate day fasting. Going ok so far.

FET2020 Thu 20-Feb-20 10:17:17

Weight watchers is brilliant. You have three options to choose from now. It’s easy to stick to as you don’t feel deprived.

wowfudge Thu 20-Feb-20 10:19:15

Blood sugar diet if sugar and carbs are your downfall. Eat protein and fat for sustained energy and cut back on refined carbs and only have small amounts of them. Rethink your eating habits generally though so you don't yoyo diet in future.

Juliecloud Thu 20-Feb-20 13:29:27

Yeah, I know. I lost 3st a few years ago and kept it off by cutting down on carbs and reducing my portion size. However, old habits have crept back in. I need to find a way to eat and live that means I don’t need to keep going on a diet.

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Juliecloud Thu 20-Feb-20 13:30:17

Thank you for the suggestions. I shall look into the suggestions.

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GoldLeafTree Thu 20-Feb-20 13:35:51

Try Slimming World again, I've lost 4 stone

managedmis Thu 20-Feb-20 13:37:54

Low carb

It'll melt offa ya!

AnnieAnt Thu 20-Feb-20 13:44:11

Louise Parker method (book on Amazon). It takes a bit of following but it's very effective. I lost a stone in 6 weeks two years ago (same reason as you, OP), and that was without doing the exercises and with the odd glass of wine here and there.

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