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Getting back into shape after c section, who’s with me?

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Dennisreynoldsduster Mon 10-Feb-20 02:00:15

Had a c section before Christmas, have been lucky and healed really well with no pain or issues and got the all clear to exercise.

Prior to pregnancy I was running 13 miles regularly and lifting weights but did nothing during due to sickness and sciatica, so I’m back to square one

My stomach has gone down a lot but it’s still wobbly with an overhang and I’m still carrying about one and a half to two stone extra so I want to start losing slowly and sensibly.

Gonna start with the shred without weights to see how I get on. I’m also going to overhaul
My diet, it’s been erratic to say the least since getting home with DS, currently eating flapjack at 2am!

Have got an online shop coming Tuesday so I have everything in for a decent protein filled breakfast and healthy snacks.

Anyone else fancy joining?

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