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cricketmum84 Fri 31-Jan-20 19:24:04

Hey all my lovely losers and welcome to the February thread.

Jan thread (part 2) here Lose 7lbs/3kg per month - The January Thread Part 2!

All are welcome to join in whether you are a long-standing poster, newbie, lurker or watcher. All we ask for is the positivity we have seen every month so far.

There's a really lovely mix of people and lots of different diets, methods, recipes, hints and tips and an overwhelming amount on positivity and support from you all!

Looking forward to the first day of February! I'll be back in the morning to post starting stats!

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recklessgran Sat 29-Feb-20 12:30:30

Quick update. Been to hairdressers. Last lot of sausage rolls in oven. Half the sandwiches made. Phew. Easily going to make it. Pride comes before a fall so lets hope I haven't jinxed myself. Party girl just phoned having a panic pants. I as usual am the queen of calm and I think I unnerved the poor girl despite my reassurance that all is well chez reckless!
Anyway thanks for new Fred @CricketMum84, yes, solidarity sister with our unconventional daughters - I have a couple of those including a school refuser who got no qualifications but ended up as an award winning bank manager. I promise you there is always hope. I can remember getting a phone call from the attendance officer at DD2's school threatening us with court/prison if DD didn't come to school. I said, go ahead - I can't think of anything I'd like more right now than being locked in a cell with a pile of paperbacks. Obviously no idea AT ALL about how stressful it is for mummies to see their children suffering and not being able to get school to understand that it certainly isn't one size fits all when it comes to education. [About which I'm truly passionate BTW] Rant over - sorry for temporarily derailing this lovely thread!]
Well done on all the losses everybody - I'm particularly amazed by all you exercisers and think that I may have managed to hit the target if I actually did some of that. Just too lazy. I don't think I'm going to change.
I hope @stepcat turns up soon. We had a black cat keep turning up here out of the blue and ended up feeding it as it seemed starving. Recklesscat was very unhappy about that so in the end it was Cats Protection League for little black cat. It turned out that in fact she was 18 and had dementia and only lived 5 doors away. Hope it's something like that @Onesmallstep.

cricketmum84 Sat 29-Feb-20 12:38:34

@recklessgran omg we are going through exactly the same thing. She started refusing school a couple of years ago and has managed about 8 music lessons since September. School are trying and have assured us they won't be sending it to the fines stage but IMO they aren't doing enough. DD is year 10 so should be working on GCSEs but has just missed so much work. We are trying to get her into a 14-16 college for this coming September and starting back at the beginning of yr10. The intake is only 80 students a year so hoping she will find that more manageable and they focus on vocational subjects (she wants to be a chef) and apprenticeships with core gcse subjects.

We had an absolutely horrendous year when she was hiding that she was trans which culminated in a paracetamol overdose which was, quite frankly, terrifying. She is so much more settled now though that everyone knows and we just love and support her as much as we possibly can. As someone who didn't do a degree until I was late twenties I know education can go on the back burner sometimes where mental health is involved!!

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MotherOfDragonite Sat 29-Feb-20 12:44:23

I'm just so so happy with how February has gone. A million thanks for this supportive and encouraging thread!

I won't be weighing in until next Wednesday (so will count that as March) but overall in February have lost 8 lb.

February loss: 8 lb
Total loss so far: 13 lb
Still to go: 59.5 lb!

KOKO smile

MotherOfDragonite Sat 29-Feb-20 12:50:58

Oops, 12.5lb lost in total. Still very happy with that!

MotherOfDragonite Sat 29-Feb-20 13:15:58

Gosh @cricketmum84 it sounds as if you've had quite a time of it. Lucky for your DD that she has you -- it makes such a difference to have family support and love.

ValentineFizz Sat 29-Feb-20 15:38:27

Hi all, some great losses reporting today. I don't officially weigh until Sunday but needed to do it today to close off February!!

February loss: 6lb
Total loss so far: 13lb
Still to go: original plan would be 1lb - although I think I'm going to revise that now to add another half a stone, as someone posted upthread I don't feel as if I'm suffering so I want to push more and see what I can achieve!

Thank you all ladies, you are keeping me accountable at every step smile

Tryingtwo Sat 29-Feb-20 19:31:17

Hi all, sorry I've been absent but it was a combination of the tooth and being at the beck and call of dd as it was her birthday. Anti-biotics finally kicked in yesterday lunchtime and I am now pain free.
I've caught up with the thread, just as it is winding up, there have been some great losses this month and some lovely NSVs (including a rather backhanded one)
Finished the month at 12st 10.6lbs.

riverbat Sat 29-Feb-20 22:17:38

Haven't posted much, but this is February update:
Start weight 86kg (14th January)
4th February 82kg
29th February 79kg
February loss 3kg
Total loss 7kg
Still to lose 12kg then reassess

Aim for March will be 3kg loss

Onceuponatimethen Sat 29-Feb-20 23:14:48

I can’t say what I’ve lost this month because I didn’t weigh near 1 Feb but t must be a few kg as jeans are now v loose and they weren’t before!!

I have weighed and I’m 80 kg (very roughly as scales were mis-behaving) and looking to lose another 3 kg

I was really proud of myself today - so many temptations like kids food left over at a party and I didn’t eat any of it halo Having said that I did have quite a bit of pasta for dinner but dp cooked and I didn’t want to be critical!

Well done for the month to everyone sn good luck for March

Onceuponatimethen Sat 29-Feb-20 23:15:00

And good luck for March

lboogy Mon 02-Mar-20 20:03:55

I only lost 2.5kg in February. Too many temptations. March weight 76.5. Aiming for 4.5kg this month. I'll be doing calorie counting, running 2-3 times a week plus walking everywhere and walking up the stairs to the 7th floor at work.

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