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Lose 7lbs/3kg per month! The February edition!

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cricketmum84 Fri 31-Jan-20 19:24:04

Hey all my lovely losers and welcome to the February thread.

Jan thread (part 2) here Lose 7lbs/3kg per month - The January Thread Part 2!

All are welcome to join in whether you are a long-standing poster, newbie, lurker or watcher. All we ask for is the positivity we have seen every month so far.

There's a really lovely mix of people and lots of different diets, methods, recipes, hints and tips and an overwhelming amount on positivity and support from you all!

Looking forward to the first day of February! I'll be back in the morning to post starting stats!

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Ihatesundays Fri 31-Jan-20 19:34:49

Waves smile

KedsAndTubeSocks Fri 31-Jan-20 19:43:18

Just checking in. I'll start on Monday.

Tryingtwo Fri 31-Jan-20 20:02:01

Hello all, thanks for the new thread cricketmum84
I have 99 cals left, I want the 96 cal chocolate bar but should have the apple. I'll leave it for a few minutes and hope the call of fruit gets stronger

Egghead68 Fri 31-Jan-20 20:17:31

Thanks for the new thread. Will check in tomorrow.

cricketmum84 Fri 31-Jan-20 20:19:05

@Tryingtwo a banana is more calories and sugar than a G&T. I know which I would choose!

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Tryingtwo Fri 31-Jan-20 20:23:45

cricketmum84 so do I smile. I enjoyed the chocolate.

ValentineFizz Fri 31-Jan-20 20:30:29

Thanks for new thread @cricketmum84

Just checking in, official weigh day is Sunday wink

PenguinBarnotBird Fri 31-Jan-20 20:34:52

Joining too for a Monday start

recklessgran Fri 31-Jan-20 20:39:26

Hi all, thanks for new thread @cricketmum84.
Will post first thing with stats for fab Feb!

SconNotScone Fri 31-Jan-20 21:19:55

Hi everyone! I didn't join in the chat on the January thread, but would like to get involved for Feb!

I did actually start on the weight loss wagon at the beginning of the month, and managed to go from 11st 13.5 (I'm sure it would have been 12st if I'd weighed later in the day! grin) to 11st 4.5. So a loss of 9lbs (4kg), which I'm thrilled with.

Ideally I'd like to get to 10st eventually, but I suspect a more realistic goal will be 10st 7lb. We'll see how I get on! I've been calorie counting and going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Have so far been motivated, hoping to keep that same motivation going in Feb, but have a nice weekend away booked, with an afternoon tea and two dinners, so I'll play it by ear!

Good luck for Feb everyone!

y0rkier0se Fri 31-Jan-20 22:33:32

Lost 7lb in January. Maintained this week! Fingers crossed for another 7lb in February! grin

MotherOfDragonite Sat 01-Feb-20 00:14:32

Waving to all the friendly losers out there! wink

I only started Weight Watchers two days, so didn't get very far in January -- I think I lost a pound but will wait until it's been a week before doing a proper weigh-in.

Found it pretty good. My weakness is evening snacking, but I managed to stay strong with the help of some cups of tea and a Ryvita. I do think I may need to buy some nice fruit so I can feel like I have 'a treat'.

So here are my stats and goals for February:

Long term goal = to lose 72 lb
February goals = to lose 7-8 lb and drink more water
Start of week... 72 lb to go!

DandyAF Sat 01-Feb-20 00:23:45

I’m in for this. Will start properly Monday and weigh myself then.

BlueEyedFloozy Sat 01-Feb-20 00:27:26

I'd like to join you all smile

I will weigh in tomorrow and start my journey then. I think I have about 4st to lose - doing it alone at home, hoping to just eat sensibly and exercise with the hope of keeping it off this time!!

Nomorerainplease Sat 01-Feb-20 00:54:46

I just want to lose 7lb. I am allowed in?

BiarritzCrackers Sat 01-Feb-20 01:55:58

I'm going to join in, if I may, to motivate myself, as am failing to kick myself up the arse sufficiently on my own. I lost about a stone over two months in early autumn, and didn't find it too hard (16:8, very little junk, and some low calories days), but then I just became lazy about sticking to it. I regained about 4lbs of that in December (too much Christmasness...) and have been 12 stone 3lbs since the start of the year. I am a stone overweight, but I used to like the way I look at around 10 and a half, so that's what I'm aiming for. I'm hoping to see results by the beginning of May so I can sew some nice summer dresses!

ploughingthrough Sat 01-Feb-20 02:44:12

Thanks for new thread!

Egghead68 Sat 01-Feb-20 02:48:26

Not a good start from me with 550 cals of insomnia eating. It’ll have to count as an early breakfast.

DownUdderer Sat 01-Feb-20 04:20:54

Hello new joiners, everyone is welcome, everyone has been kind and encouraging all through every thread I've been on the last few months. I lost 4lbs in January. I'd like to lose 4 more lbs.

It was DH's birthday yesterday and I baked cupcakes and I got takeaway for dinner so I consumed a few extra calories yesterday!

I mostly try to stick to 16\8 intermittent fasting and low carbs. I try and get out for a walk in the evening and I aim for 10k steps.

DownUdderer Sat 01-Feb-20 04:22:46

A couple of photos from my short hike on Friday

Foreverlexicon Sat 01-Feb-20 05:05:34

Fell off the wagon a little last night. I did pick a healthy kebab but also had a cookie dough desert, caramel egg and a baileys hot chocolate. Hey ho. Girlfriend also wants to lose weight and time with her was my biggest downfall as I always want to treat her so that will make life easier!
Straight back on it today
B - meal replacement bar
L - soup
D - pepper steak and rice
S - Apple and yoghurt.

Probs won’t exercise as working 7-5 but will try my best to get my 10ksteps in.

lboogy Sat 01-Feb-20 05:19:46

I was doing so well last month. Lost 2kg and then put it back on when I went on holiday. I'm back on the wagon now

Egghead68 Sat 01-Feb-20 07:37:43

Happy February everyone!

October weight: 74.6kg
Today’s weight: 64.5kg
Goal: 60kg

My weight loss slowed down a lot last month so I don’t think I’ll manage 7lb/3kg in February. Every little helps though.

I’m calorie counting (1400-1650 a day) plus lots of exercise.

Onesmallstep67 Sat 01-Feb-20 08:02:18

Just marking my place. No weigh in this morning as not at home. Welcome to the newbies. Hope you find the support and advice as invaluable as I have.

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