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No diet weight loss success stories (portion control, exercise etc)

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milliefiori Sun 26-Jan-20 08:44:28

Does anyone have a success story for losing weight simply by portion control and cutitng out sugary, fatty snacks?
I know I will never stick to a diet for more than 48 hours because I never have done and I'm now mid fifties! I need to lose weight by eating a lot less and moving a lot more.

I'd love to hear success stories or tips (favourite books, apps, blogs etc) on the subject from anyone who has done this.

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blubberball Sun 26-Jan-20 15:33:39

I am trying to do this currently. I've lost 7lbs since New years eve so far, just by making small changes.

My tips would be:

Start today, right now. Not tomorrow, or next week.

I bought one of those water bottles with the time printed on the side. It has helped me drink more water.

I've been doing work out videos for free on YouTube. I can't afford to join a gym, and I hate running. You can find work outs as short as 5 minutes. Yoga, pilates, dance, weights (I use tins of soup or beans from the cupboard), work outs specifically aimed at beginners, over 50s etc. Have a look.

I do the workouts first thing when I wake up, so that I can't put it off later. It's already done, and I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

I've been drinking apple cider vinegar before meals. It's supposed to have numerous health benefits and help suppress appetite. I got a big bottle for a couple of quid in Morrisons, and I just stir a teaspoon of it into a big glass of water.

I know that I never stick to any strict diets, so I just limited myself to 2 treats a day. A treat could be a biscuit or a little mini chocolate. It's an improvement for me, because usually when I have a biscuit, I would have 6.

Just trying to eat healthier in general. More fruit and veggies etc, a little less bread and carbs. I still have them, but fill half the plate with salad or vegetables.

Hope this helps a little. Been working for me. You can do it!

blubberball Sun 26-Jan-20 15:38:57

Also, I only weigh myself once every 2 weeks. Hoping this will help to keep me motivated, rather than getting disheartened when the scale goes down one day and up the next.

Also also, I've been keeping motivated by watching YouTube videos and chatting on this weight loss chat.

I also forgot to say that I started a weight loss journal and I have been writing down what I eat, measurements, any goals etc.

I have been setting small goals, such as losing 1lb or 2lb in 2 weeks. Aiming to go slow and steady, and form new habits for life, rather than yet another crazy diet I can't stick to.

The time is going to pass any way, so I don't mind progress being slow and gradual.

CodyBurns Sun 26-Jan-20 15:50:28

Calorie control. So many of these fad diets are just clever ways of reducing your total calorie intake (whilst pretending they will change your life etc). If you want to lose weight you need to reduce your calories, try tracking everything you eat and drink on MyFitnessPal (it’s surprising how much it all adds up). Reduce your carb intake, increase your protein and get plenty of healthy fat which will keep you full for longer.

I’m pretty sure I read that a normal calorie deficit for women is between 1200 - 1500 calories a day, depending on how much you exercise. Anything more and you might struggle to lose weight or lose it more slowly.

Movement is important, not necessarily the gym, running or sport, but just getting up and moving regularly. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my own health and well-being since I’ve upped my steps to 10,000 a day. I also make a point of parking in the furthest space in the car park, always taking the stairs and getting a basket to carry shopping (rather than a trolley). Every bit of movement adds up.

Other things are important like sleep and managing stress, but calorie deficit and movement have been key for me to lose weight and keep it off.

Mummynet101 Sun 26-Jan-20 17:54:17

After two pregnancies I lost almost 25 kg each time by just watching portion control and walking a lot. I ate everything but in moderation. I
ate roughly around 1700/1800 calories a day.

Honeyroar Sun 26-Jan-20 18:01:09

I lost two dress sizes and 2.5 stones a couple of years ago by just cutting refined sugars and processed foods. It was really easy and healthy. I avoided diet/low fat products, they often contain sugar or sweetener that trigger your brain to crave more sugar. Regular, unprocessed food is much healthier for you.

I’ve just started it again but am adding in a lot of exercise to help me.

milliefiori Mon 27-Jan-20 08:19:43

Thank you all so much for your posts. Last time I checked, no one had replied. These posts are really inspiring.
@Blubberball Your posts are incredibly helpful and detailed. I am just going to do exactly what you do. More water, apple cider vinegar, 5 minute youtube workouts a few times a day and no processed foods.

I know I need to get back to 10k steps a day. I injured my foot last autumn and my fitness levels went from active to about as active as those women on My 600lb life! I really need to up the exercise but at the moment can't walk or run until my foot has healed. But weights and floor exercises are perfectly possible.

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blubberball Mon 27-Jan-20 12:03:46

@milliefiori That's a great attitude and start doing the floor exercises and weights. It's all about doing whatever you can, right now, today, to take small steps in the right direction. Then you can build up from there and hopefully see some results and feel better. All the best!

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