Has anyone tried this to lose weight?

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JamieFrasersSassenach Sat 25-Jan-20 23:17:53

I’ve just seen an ad for ‘Slimpod’ - has anyone tried it & if so is it any good?

It looks like some kind of hypnotherapy - my difficulty always lies with self sabotage - the moment I think about losing weight I seem to go from 1 to 10 on the hunger scale and end up eating more than if I wasn’t trying to lose weight, as well as becoming obsessed with food - looking for something that will help me with this barrier.

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aNonnyMouse1511 Sun 26-Jan-20 08:13:58

Try the book Thinside out by Josie Spinardi. I’ve gone from having binge eating disorder and a constantly fluctuating weight to losing weight whilst still eating chocolate and burgers (slowly... but without any effort) and stabilising within a clothes size. I no longer binge eat.

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