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Lighterlife, anyone?

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Flossyfloof Sun 19-Jan-20 23:25:38

I’ve sent for a few packs from Superdrug, am desperate for them to arrive! I find it so difficult to diet and snack a lot, I am hoping the portion controlled meals and bars will help. Is it more or less the same as the Cambridge? Has anyone else tried it?

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Notlonely Sun 19-Jan-20 23:30:56

Twice. Lost 5stone twice easily. Regained all. Had horrendous constipation piles and exhaustion throughout but the weight fell off. Fat again and feeling shite. Xx

Flossyfloof Sun 19-Jan-20 23:39:16

That’s hard. Is that because you went back to old, bad habits once you’d lost the weight?

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Notlonely Mon 20-Jan-20 06:23:40

Yes definetly. But I feel that these diets can cause eating disorders. To eat nothing but basically 4 cup a soups for 6 months and then try to reintroduce food at a healthy level is hard. I became anorexic for a while , going without food became an addiction. then later i had issues with bulimia. I'm not saying they can't work. But I personally think eating healthy meals and snacks and exercise is the only healthy way to do it. Losing weight that fast left me with lots of loose skin, boobs I had to fold in half to fit in a bra- they were just skin. I was still bmi of slightly overweight at a size 6-8. They pushed me to get to a healthy bmi even tho I looked gaunt and Ill and clearly was losing muscle at that point not fat.

Icanflyhigh Mon 20-Jan-20 06:44:07

It's a fad I'm afraid. Try something like slimming world where it is about food optimizing and you can snack and graze all day long and still lose weight.

Diets do not work long term, lifestyle changes do.

user1468234673 Mon 20-Jan-20 12:27:01

I love LighterLife, lost 11lb in two weeks. I go to a group and it's completely different to SW or WW, the focus isn't on food wahoo! Do you have a meeting nearby? It's worth going if you do x

Peony99 Mon 20-Jan-20 12:31:54

A friend did. Her hair went horribly thin and her skin looked grey.

She lost lots of weight but put it all back on within a year, and her hair has never recovered.

Hannanzoe Mon 20-Jan-20 15:19:24

I did Lighterlife 12 years ago and lost 5 stone. I then maintained (within a stone) and only put weight back on during pregnancy.
Following my pregnancy I have lost another 6 stone and now I use the Flexi fasting plan to help manage my weight.
My food addictions haven’t disappeared but I can now identify the triggers and develop coping strategies to manage them. The Lighterlife plan isn’t a short term diet it’s a long term play to both lose the weight, manage the weight and group work to help us manage our weight for life.
Don’t forget the science. We get fat because we over eat. Any restrictive diet can help reduce excess getting stored as fat but if we go back to eating the way we did before (which got us fat in the first place, we are going to get fat again).
With Lighterlife you see the results quickly which helps me stick with it and because I got to my goal and felt amazing I want to maintain that feeling. Nothing compares to it.

SamIreland1971 Mon 20-Jan-20 15:37:01

I am loving LighterLife. I go to one of the Xpress meetings in Finchley to get weighed and stay for the talk. It's free, not like other clubs where you pay a fiver to get weighed.
I've lost three stone in three months. I do the occasional day off plan so I don't miss out on special occasions, but as long as you get back to it, you'll keep losing.
The meetings have really helped too.

NiamhsMummy2201 Mon 20-Jan-20 16:49:39

I lost 6 stone with LighterLife, however I put weight on again because I didn't stick to maintenance. That's my fault, not the diet and I've done exactly the same with SW.
I prefer Lighterlife because, as like with any addiction, food is removed from daily life giving me time to understand why I eat like I do. SW never did that for me, Portion sizes were never controlled and just receiving a clap if 1lb was lost in a week didn't help with keeping me on track.
I am back on LighterLife and have lost 12lb in 2 weeks and love seeing the weight come off quickly keeps me motivated. The Xpress meetings in Torquay are amazing and really make you question your eating habits and the fact they're free is a bonus.
LIGHTERLIFE all the way smile

DesLynamsMoustache Mon 20-Jan-20 16:52:15

I know several people who have done LL and they all put the weight back on again after losing it. The problem is that it's not a sustainable way of living, so unless you have a massive lifestyle change at the end of it, it just goes back on. And if you are going to have a massive lifestyle change, then you're better off just beginning with that now and losing weight that way.

ScapaFlo Mon 20-Jan-20 17:06:45

Try Cambridge, now called 1:1. Heaps better than LighterLife and much safer. Also lots of different options for reintroducing food and lots of support.

It works really well and the meal packs are much tastier and varied than LL.

My LL consultant changed to Cambridge as she didn't like the health risks posed by LL and also by the way the company treated people and she's done amazingly well both in her own weight loss and in business terms. A real success.

LLWP Mon 20-Jan-20 21:31:48

I've dieted a lot over the years. Whichever new diet came out, I tried it and didn't ever seem to get anywhere. I'd lose a stone, feel great, then celebrate with food!
I think the thing which can't be said enough is that if I keep eating like I've always done, I will always be this weight no matter which diet I start... Someone mentioned about making a major life change and whilst they were in the "against" camp, I agree with the essence of what they said... Being successful longterm does exactly mean a big life change! It means continuing to make the right decisions about food (unfortunately lol)
I did lighterlife about 4 years ago and lost five stone. The difference it made to my life was amazing. I am now back on it to lose some more.
A few people have mentioned the free group and I agree with that too. I'd lost the same stone over and over with other diets but because of the group at lighterlife, I was able to lose 5 stone. I think about why I'm eating something rather than just eating it and feeling crap! Being with other people who struggle with food helps so much because the focus isnt on the food but on me, my journey and my mindset...
Re the packs themselves, I recommend the Superfood Green Soup, it's yummy smile

madtrace71 Tue 21-Jan-20 21:05:02

I love the support, someone above mentioned health risks but cant give any evidence to that??? I think any diet has risks, Keto, fasting, meal replacements, WW or SW. If not done correctly or monitored. LL for me has been a game changer, my counsellor is amazing always there for me, she keeps me on the straight and narrow, even after 6 years im still maintaining and still see her. its been around for years and that has to speak volume, just give yourself a month and see how you feel.

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