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Anyone just starting out? 4 stone to lose 😫

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AudreyTautou Sat 18-Jan-20 22:06:03

I'm starting on Monday, so heading to the shop for diet-y supplies tomorrow.

I'm going to do healthy, lower carb. I expect it'll take me bloody ages to lose this weight, so no quick fixes, sadly.

Anyone care to join me on here for some accountability and moral support?

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twiggy19 Sat 18-Jan-20 22:34:32

Hiya, yes I'll join the club! I have so much weight to lose and want to really go for it Monday. Have you got Instagram or anything?

Modip Sun 19-Jan-20 07:34:51

I started 2 weeks ago, have 2.5 stone to lose after eating ALL the cake whilst pregnant and for the first 15 months of motherhood 😂

purplepandas Sun 19-Jan-20 07:39:43

Me too, too scared to get on the scales right now but it is three stone easily.

AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 08:13:41


twiggy19, I do have Instagram, but I very rarely use it. Only then to follow fashion bloggers really. Is it good for diets / recipes too?

I am calling it baby weight too, but I think that's a stretch as my younger one is about to turn two!

If I'm honest though, I was too fat before dc1. Always teetering between top end of healthy weight and overweight.

Heading to the shops this morning. Will look up some low carb recipes.

What tactic is everyone else planning?

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squiglet111 Sun 19-Jan-20 08:32:44

I'm gonna join this too.

I am going to start dieting tomorrow and need some support!

I also am carry baby weight... However my babies are now 6 and nearly 2... So it's gone on long enough!

Just make excuses all the time. Didn't try hard enough to lose the weight after my eldest and decided that it didn't make sense to lose the weight as I planned to have another child so might as well wait until after second child(definitely our last). But here I am, 2nd baby nearly 2 and I've barely tried!

So tomorrow is my start date! Need to lose weight for my sister's wedding in May. I think I need to lose at least 4 stone.

I'm thinking low carb diet. But might look at having some diet shakes for breakfast and lunch cos trying to make non carby breakfast and lunches is too difficult.

HoneysuckIejasmine Sun 19-Jan-20 08:35:38

Hi. Just jumping in to recommend thefitnesschef on Instagram. He's been really great helping me understand food and nutrients on my weight loss journey.

Good luck everyone.

AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 09:27:42

Yes, my older one is five and I also ended up gaining weight between dc1 and dc2! Lost a lot bfing dc2, but it made me used to being able to eat a lot. Finished bfing when dc2 turned one and kept the big appetite without the calorie burning feeding a milk guessed it...weight has PILED on.

I am aiming for lower carb, but tbh, if I just stopped the snacks and takeaways, only ate the healthy meals I give dcs plus fruit and veg, I think I'd be alright.

Will see how I go. Since I have quite a lot to lose now, I'm taking it fairly slowly. I know from past experience that if I go at it too hard I just end up bingeing!

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purplepandas Sun 19-Jan-20 09:50:45

My babies are eight and ten so no bloody excuse. I did lose it all ( and more) five years ago but put it back on. Lost almost a stone last summer but put it back on. I am the worst yo yo dieter. I am so cross with myself. Ww worked for me and just bring more sensible. I can't make meetings though so just try and track. I am also going to try fasting as I did that for a but and helped in the eves ( as not allowed to eat them). I need to change my relationship with food, it's an emotional one and used as reward.

Good luck 😀

MissingMySleep Sun 19-Jan-20 09:52:38

I need to lose 4 stone also. Promised. My daughter I'd start sun the new year but I've made zero effort so far. It was baby weight as I wasn't fat before but they're 17 & 14 now!!

Psychologika Sun 19-Jan-20 10:10:43

I've got about 5 stone to lose. I wasn't fat before DD (7!) and I wasn't fat after. It all went on after divorce and subsequent new relationship and marriage over the course of the last 3 years.

My major problem is wine and big dinners. But probably the daily wine to be honest. I know it's so bad for me, but I love it

Psychologika Sun 19-Jan-20 10:14:47

What's every one doing to lose the weight?

AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 10:27:51

I hear you on wine. I recently cut out all alcohol entirely, but then for some reason started having wine of an evening. I never have more than two, medium glasses anymore, but it's still just empty calories! I might try cutting it out again.

My new rules, which I'll try out this week are:

No booze in the house
No junk food, especially junky snacks (my favourite sad. But yes, I am disgusting and would live on fancy crisps and chocs)
More fresh fruit, veg and lean protein
Get some exercise
Drink more water
Weigh in weekly at least

SW: 13 stone 8.75 lbs (aka rather fat)
GW: 9 and a half stone ish, but I'd gladly take 10 stone or even 10 and a half. Heck, I'll take anything at the moment!

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AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 10:33:06

Also think I might be a bit of an emotional eater... tbh, I don't know anyone IRL who ISN'T a bit of an emotional eater. Even my skinny DH loves a 'treat' or treat meal at the weekend (big fat takeaway). I don't know where he puts it tbh!

I keep reading about Noom being good for that, but it's ££££.

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InflagranteDelicto Sun 19-Jan-20 10:39:34

I'm joining in. I'm an emotional and boredom eater, and now the DC are older I'm finding it harder to be active.

Currently 11s 10lb.

Our meals are pretty healthy, portion control is improving, but I just can't control the bored hands while I'm at home, especially when working on my course.

AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 10:57:55

Oh no, I'm about to start a new degree from home! I was hoping that might STOP my boredom eating.

Oh well. It'll be worth it... I hope!

Also, I'm hoping to get back to work either this year or next.

I do think being at home is a killer if you eat for boredom. My fridge is ALWAYS within reach! Which seems to be my problem.

I eat when I'm stressed as well and I do find some days with the dcs, just the wrong combination of stressful and then boring when the little one naps but we can't leave the house.

I really can't blame anything other than myself though. I'm the one stuffing my face. Which is a good thing to be able to say in a way, as it means I also have the power to stop it.

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KittyKatt73 Sun 19-Jan-20 11:56:50

Can I join you please.
My plan is to lose 3stone (hopefully more) by October. Wedding and a 50th in Tenerife to go to and I really need to be beach ready.
Weighed in a 14st after Xmas heaviest Ive ever been ( apart from pregnency) and really lack self motivation so need a group of like minded people to give me a kick up the arse to do this.

Im also off out shopping for healthy foods. Problem is Im always in and out of kitchens so temptation is always there for a quick fix.

AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 12:44:09

Of course! All welcome. The more the merrier!

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YourOpinionIsNoted Sun 19-Jan-20 12:50:32

I'm in! Want to lose 3 and a half, definitely must lose at least two.

Started slimming world. Lost 3.5lb in my first week and I wasn't really doing it properly. Been stricter now I'm in week two so hoping for more at next week's weigh in.

DH is trying to lose weight too, not doing slimming world with me as he doesn't like most vegetables hmm so he is just doing smaller portions, vaguely healthy choices, no fizzy drinks and chocolate etc. We have a bet on to see who will lose the most each week. Neither of us is a good loser and the stakes are high so that's helping us stay focused!

YourOpinionIsNoted Sun 19-Jan-20 12:51:53

Oh and I'm definitely a boredom eater. At home with youngest DD all day and it's a killer for wanting to snack. I'm doing a food diary - having to write in down definitely helps me resist the snacking urges!

AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 12:55:41

Oh I like the food diary idea! I might try that.

Or maybe just MFP. I keep starting that and then forgetting to track...

A bit like you, I absolutely NEED to lose 2 stone, as that would take me fairly comfortably into a healthy BMI. However, I am an apple shape and carry all my weight on my torso, so I look much better and am a lot healthier, if I get to the bottom end of a normal BMI. So four stone would be a lot better that two.

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AudreyTautou Sun 19-Jan-20 12:59:13

Just making a lentil and sundried tomato salad thing for lunch. It's delicious and i think fairly healthy (apart from the oil).

I've been to the shops for healthy goodies. Planning turkey bolognese with courgetti tomorrow night. Peanut butter tofu lettuce cups for Tuesday. Feeling all positive as if I'm definitely healthy eating now, but the sun is shining and I'm well rested - I might change my tune mid week when I'm grumpy, tired and it's miserable weather.

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squiglet111 Sun 19-Jan-20 20:39:13

Weighed myself this morning and I'm a stone heavier than I thought 😭. So that's 5 stone I need to lose.

I followed that Instagram person recommend. Ive decided I'm gonna cal count instead. That insta person makes a lot of sense. I really need to change my eating habits and make better choices. Gonna take this slow and steady. So going to stop eating rubbish to begin with, but also not restrict myself and allow myself a treat every now and again.

BookSkark Mon 20-Jan-20 07:20:29

Can I join as well please? I've been doing Dry January in the hope I'd lose weight as well, but have actually put in weight, so need to bite the bullet and commit to doing this property.

I had a big row with DH last night - he means well, but doesn't realise that my self-esteem is so low that "helpful" suggestions about what I could do to be healthy just get translated in my head as a criticism that I'm overweight. So I need to do something, and it starts today!

I'm just going for calorie counting sand slightly lower carb to manage the calories. I always cook for the family so struggle to cook "diet" meals as nobody else will eat them, and I haven't got time to cook twice every night. So will just need to go for smaller portions and more veg/fewer carbs with each meal, and hope that works.

AudreyTautou Mon 20-Jan-20 07:40:46

Welcome book. Sorry dry jan hasn't done it for you. How frustrating.

Oof squiglet. Hate it when that happens!

I'll have to check that guy out on Insta. I was reading another thread where someone mentioned a study where a doctor ate nothing but junk food and still lost weight and lowered cholesterol, by limiting calories.

What is your calorie allowance? Are you going to track on MFP?

I've got a bowl of overnight oats in the fridge with my name on them! They aren't low calorie tbh, but it's very filling. I get a snack attack at about 4pm, so also need to find a filling lunch, so I don't eat the whole fridge.

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