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Joined WW and am scared I won't lose in 1st week and give up....anyone not lost in 1st week?

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lucylala Tue 28-Aug-07 11:54:02

i joined WW last week and am doing the points plan. I've stuck to it so far (day 4) and have done some exercise aswell but I don't lose weight very easily (i'm on medication as well which doesn't help) and I feel like i'm eating more than i usually do even though I know it's all a lot healthier.

Anyway, i'm scared that if i don't lose in first week i'm just going to give up and I soooo want to do this.

Has anyone not lose at their first week but then gone on to have more succesful weeks?

I always feel like I end up standing behind the person who loses 5lbs every week!! argh!!

reasurrance please...

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