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PCOS and weight loss

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Msgiggles30 Fri 03-Jan-20 23:29:58

Hi all I have about 2-3 stone to lose. I have PCOS and have the classic carry all my weight around my tummy. Does anyone have any good tips? I know there as PCOS diets online but pretty restrictive I need something where I'm not cutting things out completely or I wont stick to it! Thanks smile

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Nymerialuna Sat 04-Jan-20 22:22:04

I also have PCOS and will be starting my weight loss journey as of Monday (started cutting back the last few days)
I found that Slimming world works, albeit slower losses than others.
I don't have give up any foods I like (I tried low carbing but I find it too difficult and a little expensive to be honest)
I do cut back on the pasta though and I can't eat bread anyway as it flares up my IBS.
I generally have overnight oats for breakfast with fruit, salad or leftovers for lunch and use my syns on things like mayo or cheeese.

Good luck with your weight loss, it's so very difficult with PCOS and can be very dis-heartening at times x

Blankiefan Sun 05-Jan-20 08:50:01

I have PCOS. It hasn't affected my weight loss. I'm 6 months into a straightforward calories deficit (helped by cutting back on carbs but not removing them). Lost 5 stone (before Xmas!! Put a few back on over the hols but back on the straight and narrow now) 2.5 stone to go.

cobwebsoncornices Sun 05-Jan-20 20:24:10

I think PCOS is one of those things that they still know little about and there is a massive array of symptoms and consequences and those of us who have it suffer different ones.
I got pregnant relatively easily but find weight loss very difficult. Heavily reducing carbs and sugar really helps and that is my plan from tomorrow. I will also need to do a lot of exercise and restrict calorie intake and may then be able to lose 2lbs every 3 weeks or half a stone in two months. I find this really disheartening so often given up but I really do need to do something about my weight.

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