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Help a mum lose some weight!

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lulahb Fri 03-Jan-20 15:31:03

Happy new year!!!

I know Mumsnet is absolutely full of this at the moment but I really could do with some help and advice...

I am getting married abroad in October so have 10 months or less to lose about a stone and a half!!!

I've got a 10 month old so still carrying a lot of weight from the pregnancy and although I used to be a keen runner DH now works all day and often until late in the evening so I can't get out to run and kick start the weight loss.

My main issue is having two children I feel I am constantly too busy to think about what I'm eating, not exercising although we walk everywhere where possible, I tend to binge eat cakes, biscuits etc. For example I could find the time to make a decent healthy lunch but after I'll have a cuppa and a lot of sweet foods it's like I can't stop... This also happens of an evening when the kids are finally in bed ill get the cakes out again sad

I can't afford to go to the gym and don't have anyone to have my baby anyway, so not sure how doable structured exercise sessions are it's mainly my diet and bad habit of eating sweet things. I have an under active thyroid which I am taking medication for also.

If anyone has any advice on how I can start please help me lose this weight grin

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isitautumnyet Fri 03-Jan-20 15:37:57

Hello. I would like some advice aswell i can really relate to your post. Im a mum of two!

Beebumble2 Mon 06-Jan-20 10:36:14

I’m also trying to lose weight by doing 5:2. I did it 5 years ago, got to my goal weight and gradually a stone and a half has crept on. So on it again.
To avoid sweet cravings, get rid of all sweet calorific things and substitute with less calorific choices of fruit, made up jelly ( Shop bought,10 cals ) child size yogurt. Sometimes just a little taste satisfies the craving.
Good luck I’m sure you’ll do it by October.

TheGirlWhoLived Mon 06-Jan-20 10:41:50

Break it down into manageable chunks first off. So half a stone by April, half a stone by July and the rest by October etc.

Then make the changes you need to. Incorporate a half hour walk into your day, and make sure it gets you out of breath. Change one meal to a soup/low calorie carb free meal, and see if it impacts your day- alternatively drop breakfast and have a coffee or something instead.

Assuming the 3500kcal = 1lb rule then you only need to drop (7x 3500) 24500 kcals and you have 100 days to do it! That’s only eating less/exercising to the tune of 250kcals a day.

This can be easily trimmed by using sweetener instead of sugar, a good long walk, one piece of bread on a sandwich instead of two, replacing half the portion of pasta with salad, half a bottle of wine instead of the whole one etc

acornhealthcoaching Tue 07-Jan-20 16:29:01

I know all about sweet cravings as I'm a lifelong chocoholic!
I finally stopped yo-yo dieting and kept the weight off by flipping my mindset to taking care of my body, not punishing it.
I agree that it's best not to have sweet things in the house except fruit and dark chocolate (Godiva is my favourite). Try to increase the amount of sweet veg you eat, we're programmed to like sweet stuff, but a sweet potato is much better for you than a packet of biscuits. Try making yourself positive mini goals, such as eating a piece of fruit each day. I know this sounds like it won't do anything, but it literally cuts down the amount of eating time for other less healthy stuff and it worked really well for me.
Good luck 😊

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