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So I just weighed myself and I'm 20st 7lb 😔

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Greysparkles Thu 02-Jan-20 11:15:33

Just that really. How the fuck did I get this big! I've always been on the chubby side, but at 5"9 I pulled it down off.

Fuck. Where do I even start

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Whyarecrispssonice Thu 02-Jan-20 11:22:08

Don't try to do it alone. Don't try to cut everything at once. Maybe join slimming world. I'm starting on journey too.

Greysparkles Thu 02-Jan-20 11:23:32

Yes I'm rejoining slimming world. I done it a few years back so know the basics. It's just seems an overwhelming amount to need to lose

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margotsdevil Thu 02-Jan-20 11:24:00

I was more than that. In fact my scales didn't actually tell the full truth 😔 because I was too heavy. I'm now 20 stone and 1lb after joining slimming world. Do you want to use this thread as a support place?

Whoops75 Thu 02-Jan-20 11:25:07

Pick a date
Get an app - my fitness pal etc
Buy a digital food scales

Lots of food feels rewarding in the short term in the long term it makes you feel like you feel today. The weight loss will feel just as good and you’ll feel good for longer.

I found filler soups a lifesaver, I use bags of mixed veg & stock, snack on this between meals when you’re really hungry.

Good luck 👍

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername Thu 02-Jan-20 11:25:37

I'm 5'8'' and 19 stone 3. Don't panic! You don't have to lose it all at once, it's just one small decision at a time. Get into the habit of making the right decisions and you'll get there.

gamerchick Thu 02-Jan-20 11:26:08

You can start by stripping down to knickers and bra and have a photo taken front, side and back. This is your motivation. Then keep a food/liquid diary for a week and see what you can change (be honest). Sometimes it can be a case of loads of water and cutting snacks out to get you going with minimal alcohol to stop the pac man cravings. Just start there. I was impressed the way just doubling water intake made a decent difference to how I felt.

You have to want it though. Personally I'd go to a gym with a PT for group sessions than do slimming world. There should be loads of deals on right now, then you have access to eating plans on top.

WhenPushComesToShove Thu 02-Jan-20 11:26:42

Slimming world. I found myself in your situation and joined up. A friend was going and said why don't you come with me and actually I just though, why don't I? Proper food everyone in the family Can eat and plenty of it. Lost 25lbs so far and have double that again to go but feel really confident I can do it. Make it your New Years gift to yourself. I feel so much better emotionally just being proactive. Good luck

gamerchick Thu 02-Jan-20 11:26:44

And no scales, use a tape measure.

TheReef Thu 02-Jan-20 11:29:27

One week at a time OP. I'm bigger than I've ever been (inc when I was 9 months pregnant), I'm having my first slimming world weigh in tomorrow

Greysparkles Thu 02-Jan-20 11:33:34

You guys are all so nice, today is my day. Diet has started. I can't afford a gym atm so was thinking about dusting off the old wii fit, and trying to get the kids out of the house a bit more for walks etc.
I really do have to change, I've put on 5 stone in the last 4 years. If I keep on I'll be dead by the time I'm 40.

Id love this to be a support thread, not just for me 😊

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SunshineAngel Thu 02-Jan-20 11:36:13

Hey smile.

I am the same height as you, and my highest I weighed more than 22 stone, which is disgusting, I know!

I am now 12 stone, but went down to 10 at my lowest, but found that too hard to maintain and a bit too skinny for me.

If you want some support, feel free to PM me, I've been there, and know how hard it can be! smile x

desperatesux Thu 02-Jan-20 11:39:30

I have a friend who was bigger and lost over ten stone in a year. She did keto or a version of it and walked everywhere and lifted small weights from the beginning
She has loose skin on her stomach- planning a tummy tuck but beyond that she looks fantastic I think because she exercised from the start
She did say no one noticed until she lost about 4 stone which made it hard to stay motivated but after that it was easy as everyone was complimenting her all the time. She has kept it off for years now but she is pretty good with her diet as she can put on weight pretty easily. She got too skinny initially- maybe 9 stone for 5 8 but not has settled on 10 stone or there abouts and finds that much easier to maintain. If she can do it anyone can, she had been overweight all her life

Onceuponatimethen Thu 02-Jan-20 11:39:34

You can do it OP! You should be really proud of yourself that you’ve made this decision.

A close family member lost a significant amount of weight - steadily and slowly with weight watchers, so I’m sure slimming world is a great idea flowers

gamerchick Thu 02-Jan-20 11:39:39

Ok, well weight loss is in the kitchen. You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight. You need to make better choices and fuel your body rather than satisfy your brain. Keep a food diary though, seeing it written down will tell you where the problem is. Put your mood for each day alongside it.

Definitely get moving though, that alone is good mental health wise.

Ladybird37 Thu 02-Jan-20 11:47:12

I'm the same height and had a similar surprise after getting on the scales yesterday. Going to do 16:8, eat as light as I can in that window and try to exercise every day. I get a bit rebellious with any sort of weekly meetup but I know it works for lots of people. Good luck.

CornishPorsche Thu 02-Jan-20 11:49:33

Hello fellow 5'9"ers. I'm back up to 19st 6lb. My heaviest was 22st.

I want to get back to 14st, as that makes me a size 14, and I look good at that weight. Smaller than that is unsustainable for me.

I'm going to do SW at home, as I don't like our local classes.

Pineaurouge Thu 02-Jan-20 11:53:47

Hi OP.

3 years ago i was at my heaviest at 19st 1lb. I now weigh 15st 8lb (put half a stone on over the last 2 weeks). Back on it today! What worked for me is introducing much more exercise, mainly lots of walking, and eating less. My portions were smaller and i tried to stop eating later in the evenings. I didn't deny myself anything, just ate it in moderation.

I must admit i have picked up some bad habits over the last few months so i'm back on it today. I want to lose a stone in the next 4 weeks as i'm off on a big holiday at the beginning of feb! Ultimately, i'd like to be a size 14, i'm currently between a 16-18, which i am very happy with as i've spent most my life as a 20-22.

You can do this!

Tryalittletenderness Thu 02-Jan-20 12:14:09

I have never been a fan of diets, but more of sustainable life changes. Small things like taking the stairs instead of a lift, water instead of fizzy juice and no alcohol. I definitely think exercise is key. If I were you I would be tempted to start a small jog every night. Begin with walking to the nearest lamppost and then maybe light jog to the next one. Everything starts with small steps. I have let myself go this past year too, usually I never drink but have drank & I haven't exercised at all. I definitely feel worse for it, definitely need to get back into my good routine. Fingers crossed for you.

SymbollocksInteractionism Thu 02-Jan-20 12:25:04

Don't do slimming world. It's ok while you stay totally on plan but nearly everyone on SW regain the weight within 5 years.

Use the money you would save on SW and join a gym. Ask for a fitness/nutrition plan from a PT and use my fitness pal or similar.

If you have FB look up Rebelfit, he speaks sense.

MashedSpud Thu 02-Jan-20 12:31:12

Bump up your protein, use my fitness pal app, do stretches before exercise, snack on low calorie veg, reduce carb intake and drink water.

Binge watching Netflix while on a rower/treadmill/bike helps to pass the time.

Inver38 Thu 02-Jan-20 12:34:44

Good luck OP
I’m weighing myself tomorrow and measuring, after that I won’t weigh again as I find measurements much more reassuring.
I lost 3 stone with the body coach but it’s expensive and I found it unsustainable with my family.
I plan on joining the James Smith Academy this time round as follow him on SM and he’s got a realistic approach!

GlitteryGracie Thu 02-Jan-20 12:34:47

Just waving hello!! I'm a very similar weight and Slimming world starts on Monday. It's horrible isn't it? The realisation of what you have done to your body?
It can be undone though and that's up to us.

gamerchick Thu 02-Jan-20 12:36:33

I know people write off the gym as unaffordable but have you actually checked? How much for slimming world a week?

MsTSwift Thu 02-Jan-20 12:38:07

Michael Mosley 16 / 8 works

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