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Share your New Year Healthy/Weight Loss meal plans?

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LastNameMarple Mon 30-Dec-19 12:55:21

I’m going food shopping tomorrow for the first week of January and need to put together a meal plan.

I can sort my own lunches for work, but need some ideas for healthy family dinners that can work with or without carbs (DH and me trying to lose weight through low-ish carb eating, but teen DCs will prob still want/need rice/pasta/potatoes etc with some meals).

We all want to start eating a bit less meat, more fish and veggie options.

Any meal plans or recipes you’d like to share would be greatly appreciated, as my mind is blank and I’m bored of my own repertoire!

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pollydolly123 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:10:56

The fast 800 recipe book is fantastic for low carb, so far this week I've made halloumi ratatouille, baked salmon with tenderstem broccoli and tomatoes, sausages with cauliflower mash and pork stir fry which can be served with or with rice. Would deffo recommend getting a cookbook it's been really nice to change up our usual menu!

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