Losing weight after an ED. How to not go crazy

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Tenementfunster Sun 29-Dec-19 19:07:30

Hi there hoping for advice. I need to lose around 3 stone. Had a ED in younger life which seems to blight my attempts to deal with mid life weight gain. Anyone in same boat? Just old feelings of hopelessness and failure rather than ‘active’ purging. Got any tips on how to do this sensibly?

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UncleMatthewsEntrenchingTool Mon 30-Dec-19 12:01:11

I haven’t but I am bumping this for you because I think this applies to lots of us.

I don’t have any sage advice, sorry. It’s very hard!

JAIENLCE29 Mon 30-Dec-19 12:08:29

I could have posted this myself! I have no advice, but words of encouragement. Good luck

otterturk Mon 30-Dec-19 12:18:36

Watching too OP.

I tend to go overboard and put myself into dangerous territory as soon as I concentrate on losing weight. I only have a stone to lose but I want to get rid.

Tenementfunster Mon 30-Dec-19 14:56:09

Thanks all. Sorry that so many of us feel this way.
Hoping someone can help us out! Would love a book, a website, a mentor, anything that will stop me getting super obsessed and it becoming addictive. Fairy godmothers are also welcome !

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FthisS Mon 30-Dec-19 18:27:59

I'm the same op. For me it's all or nothing, I can drop 2 stone in a month and just as easily put it on. When I get my head into diet mode I'm so focused I hardly eat.

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