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LaursB Fri 27-Dec-19 09:11:50

I am hoping to lose 5 stone this year.
I am hunting for a weightloss buddy. I'm always better dieting with a friend- someone to laugh (or cry) with.

Anyone up for a diet partner? 🥰😬

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MercuryRising Fri 27-Dec-19 09:17:36

I would like to lose 2 and a half stone next year. I had dc4 last year and dp and I are looking to marry in 2021. I also turn 40 next year so it feels like it is definitely time to shift some weight and regain my confidence. What do you plan on doing?

Silencedwitness Fri 27-Dec-19 09:17:48

I’m looking to lose at least 5 stone. Tempted to beg someone to wire my jaw shut. Up for a buddy.

Skinnydreams Fri 27-Dec-19 09:24:01

I'm up for being a buddy. 4 stone to lose - starting keto on monday as I don't want to wait until new year. Have a family celebration on sunday then I'm on it!

Vic537 Thu 02-Jan-20 01:01:44

Hi LaursB, MercuryRising, Silencedwitness, Skinnydreams.

Happy New Year.

I have 4 stone to lose initially and will be starting my weight loss plan of 2020 today.

Are you all started with your weight loss plans already?

Sortinghatton Thu 02-Jan-20 08:07:29

Hi All,
I have 2 and a half stone to lose and I'd like some buddies too. To do so, I need to eat more veggies and plan my meals better. I think I'll be ready for that next week .

MercuryRising Thu 02-Jan-20 12:11:33

Hi Vic. Im following weight watchers and started this morning. I weighed in at 12.13 this morning. So far I have had wholemeal toast for breakfast and I am having soup for lunch. I took my two youngest out for a walk and play in the park. I feel better for getting started.

Vic537 Thu 02-Jan-20 14:13:20

Hi Mercury, well done for getting started.

My starting stats for Thursday 2 January 2020: 14.9st / 94.7kg / 209lb (BMI: 39.4 obese class 2)

I am in consultation with a dietitian who will set me target weights for certain dates. Generally I will be having 2 replacement meal shakes and 1 balanced meal a day. If needed, I can also have 2 healthy snacks a day.

I have a target of 90kg for Wed 8 January. I will weigh-in on here weekly, either on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

MercuryRising Thu 02-Jan-20 15:05:08

Is your 8th January target set by your dietician Vic? It seems like a huge amount of weight to lose in a week! It will be good to have each other for support. I'm good at starting these things but lack perseverence.

Vic537 Thu 02-Jan-20 16:12:14

Yes sorry, I ought to have added that the 90kg target was set at the start of December when I weighed less than I do now. Unfortunately because I ate what I wanted and more over Christmas this target is probably now unrealistic but I will still attend my appointment on 8 January and see how close I got.

Aurorie11 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:18:58

Hi Laura

Me, have 5 stone to loose too, it has to be done!

Vic537 Fri 03-Jan-20 10:37:03

Day 2 - 0.5kg lost.

Mercury, how did your first day go?
Do you want to lose weight in time for your 40th birthday this year or for your wedding next year?

MercuryRising Sat 04-Jan-20 21:14:07

Hi Vic. Well done on your loss! I thought your target seemed quite harsh. Weight loss in December is really tricky. I would like to lose the weight for my 40th in July. I ran yesterday and will be running again tomorrow morning but I haven't got my head back into eating properly. I am due on in the next couple of days so I am finding it a real struggle to wean myself off of sweet things. My dc are back to school on Tuesday and then I'm back to work on Wednesday so I'm hoping a return to routine will help 🤞Are you settling into your healthy eating?

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