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Anyone with 5 stone + to lose in 2020?

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FenellaMaxwell Thu 26-Dec-19 14:47:33

This has to be the year it happens. I can’t keep calling it baby weight - he’ll be 3 this year! I’m sick of avoiding being in photos with my DS, and not being able to run round after him. Anyone else?

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Guineapig456 Thu 26-Dec-19 16:35:07

Me too. My youngest is a teenager!! I have more than 8 stone to lose. I’m so desperately unhappy with how I feel so unwell carrying this weight around and how I look so fat. I hate it but I just keep on comfort eating.

HerRoyalFattyness Thu 26-Dec-19 16:36:41

I've been saying for years I need to lose it but never do. Being ground down by my partner, made to feel guilty for trying to lose weight.
Well no more.
2020 will be the year I get me back.

MarjoryMinor Thu 26-Dec-19 16:37:00

Yep 😪

chumbawum Thu 26-Dec-19 16:38:08


Well ideally but would be happy with 3.5/4.

What's the plan to shift it then?

MollyRoisin Thu 26-Dec-19 16:40:08

Yes. I need to fix this.

TimeforanotherChange Thu 26-Dec-19 16:40:33

Yes. I think I need to keto/low carb. It's the only way I've shifted weight in the past, but I'm now post menopause and wondering if I'll ever lose anything.

SunsetBoulevard3 Thu 26-Dec-19 16:41:56

Having seen a photo of myself yesterday I am SO disgusted with myself . I actually couldn’t believe it was me. I need to lose
4 stones but am going to try and take it a stone at a time.

twitchwitch Thu 26-Dec-19 16:56:35

Me too. This has to be the year I do something

user1483387154 Thu 26-Dec-19 17:02:41

yep me too. Really need to work on getting a healthy body and mind

tiredtrumpet Thu 26-Dec-19 17:03:55

Me too. I bc always maintained that I was healthy despite my size and I was, but lately I've been having some trouble and it's time.
I have a 2.9 and a 16 week old. I live off biscuits and buttery toast to get me through the day.
I've tried slimming world but I can't really do any of their breakfast or lunches as I need to eat and go. Any ideas? Overnight oats are bloody awful grin

MercedesDeMonteChristo Thu 26-Dec-19 17:13:49

I’m in. I have about 6 stone to shift. I haven’t managed to lose anything since I got back to a pre DC weight about 10 years ago. DC are 13, 11 and 9 so I should be able to manage this now.

I’ve written down my plan.

Couch 2 5k (aiming for parkrun once I can manage)
No processed food
Carbs with one meal per day
Going to locate somewhere with times I can do a spinning class once I am on my way

I tried Slimming World and just found it soul destroying and boring. Previously I had lost the weight with WW but cannot find a meeting that works.

I did have some success with simply cutting out all my snacking, carbs once a day and off the alcohol and it made an instant difference.

Meegeemoogee Thu 26-Dec-19 17:18:37

Me. My youngest is 18 months but to be fair I can't call it baby weight. I've had a problem with food and my weight since my teen years. Don't want to hit 40 still carrying this weight. I'm planning to do dry Jan anyway and make regular exercise a habit. I think my biggest hurdle is going to be overcoming my eating issues as they are so ingrained

IslaMann Thu 26-Dec-19 17:19:02

I'm 27lb into my weight loss journey, with at least another 56lb to go. I am giving myself until June 2021 as I'm 50 in the July. I'm taking it in 7lb chunks as the total is just too big to contemplate.

Littleroundsponge Thu 26-Dec-19 17:21:28

Yes, me too! Keep putting it off and making excuses and then feel even worse when I gain more weight. So determined to do it now!

slalomsuki Thu 26-Dec-19 17:23:55

Me too. I'd settle for 4 stone but 2020 is the year of change. Got a new hip so had to loose some weight for that, new job starting in February and new outlook on life. Will just have to get back walking now before I can do much exercise.

pascalstriangle Thu 26-Dec-19 17:27:18

Me too. My 'baby' from whence the weight came turned six recently, and I've gained a lot since she was born due to SEN, divorce, career issues and loads of other excuses. All valid but still excuses.

I have seven stone to lose and have just stuck my name on the list for January 2020 Low Carb boot camp. My goal is to lose half this year, half next, which seems doable. I aim to lose through a combo of low carb, healthy eating, working in my new allotment and eating from it and lots of walking/cycling.

I am getting breathless, my joints ache, my skin is awful and I don't recognise the woman in the mirror. Worse - I seem to have reverse dysmorphia where I think clothes will look so good on me until I see a photo of myself in them. I don't recognise/remember the fat body around me, so it has to go!

pejorativelyspeaking Thu 26-Dec-19 17:51:46

This time I have my incredibly sporty husband on board drafting meal plans and exercise regimes. I'm 40 in March so this is to happen

VelvetSoft Thu 26-Dec-19 17:55:03

Me. 5 stone would put me at a healthy weight for my height. There is a LOT of food in the house atm, we were expecting guests for a few days but they didn't make it due to an unexpected hospital admission so they'd been planned and shopped for... I was given a lot of chocolate too. The plan is to munch through the pork pie and sausage roll mountain and then once it's gone, start with a high protein/high veg/lowish carb diet.

I also need to start moving more, I'm really unfit after an injury but that's healed now and I need to stop making excuses

lifeisgoodagain Thu 26-Dec-19 17:56:17

Only 2-2.5 this year, lost a stone this year, but can't recommend the "husband abandoning you" diet plan. Need to loose the"baby" weight for good, they are adults! And more importantly get my blood pressure and cholesterol down by getting fit. It's particularly hard because I'm in a new relationship, food and drink features heavily!

OneForTheRoadThen Thu 26-Dec-19 18:01:34

Me. I had 2 children in 2 years and didn't lose any of the ridiculous amount of weight I put on with the first before putting on even more with the second. She's 20 months now and I think I'm heavier now than I was at full term with her.

I'm getting married in July and have to lose at least 3 st by then or I don't think I will be able to enjoy the day.

christmasstress Thu 26-Dec-19 18:09:54

6 stone too heavy here. This has to go.
My plan is couch to 5k, and I need to drastically cut down or cut out wine.

MaryBoBary Thu 26-Dec-19 18:12:30

Yes I've got about 4 stone to lose. I'll be 30 in March and would like to be feeling a lot healthier than I do now!

TARSCOUT Thu 26-Dec-19 18:15:59

Me! Been through early menopause, struggling to lose anything!! Was going to start 16/8???

MercedesDeMonteChristo Thu 26-Dec-19 18:45:04

What’s 16/8?

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